Age 21 – 100 days: I’m not the lil’ bitch introverted guy anymore

I never thought I’d get over it this easily, I thought 30 days was the absolute maximum I could go. But really, it’s just a habit and it can be broken if you change your daily routines/patterns. I don’t see myself going back unless I experience the chaser effect, etc.

My one tip is to associate ultimate pain/suffering to PMO if you want to stop. Say what you want about Tony Robbins, but he is absolutely on point with his explanation.

Results I haven’t achieved, yet

  • Find/understand/express love, this will probably take time
  • Getting a girlfriend
  • Six pack abs, but I know this is attainable now
  • Getting a bigger dick
  • Surviving off of less sleep, I like sleeping so this doesn’t matter too much
  • Stop wet dreams once they started
  • Cure acne, but I’ve come VERY close with the combination of: cleaning my face, virgin coconut oil pills, apples, & zinc supplements every day
  • Getting past a few days of p90x, it was my goal back on my first post but I discovered I have some work to do before I’m at the level to get through the program
  • Go up and talk to anyone. I still get in my head a bit, but again this will take time & practice.


  • Smashed social anxiety , but it creeps back for very short periods once in a while
  • Began noticing girls in a healthier way, IMO
  • Cut shitty people out of my life, including a best friend. In reflecting I realized he was unintentionally holding me back from my full potential
  • Stopped giving a single fuck about opinions. This kind of goes back to dealing w/ social anxiety – I just don’t care anymore. I’ll confront anyone if they’re talking shit, etc.
  • I’m not the lil’ bitch introverted guy in classes that doesn’t say a word the whole quarter. On a normal day I’ll be talking to anyone around me, making jokes (a lot that nobody laughs at), cracking up laughing, speaking up if I can answer the prof or if I have a questions (normally I’d try to figure out stuff on my own after class).
  • Been able to talk to girls. This was huge, but something I’ve become very impatient with. I’ve made way more female friends this quarter than male friends. I just LOVE the feminine energy. As a compsci major, I’m around dudes all the time so it’s been very refreshing to converse with the opposite sex lately.
  • Asking people to hang out and not care what the response is… and actually hanging out with girls
  • I think I met the first girl I’ve ever had authentic chemistry with, and she’s 24 (holy shit an older girl!). We’re still trying to setup a proper date, I’ve avoided escalating around our friends until then.
  • Remembered a dream for the first times in years, still very rare for me.
  • I can give pretty good /r/dating_advice IMO, somewhat ironically given that I haven’t had a girlfriend yet. YET 😉


  • Fucking wet dreams yo. I thought they were gone after having like 10+ in a few week period, but they’re like 1-4 times a week now. Luckily, I’m not remembering the dreams so I just change my boxers in the morning and remain unaffected from before.
  • Managing my unveiled ego is a challenge, especially around family & people I don’t need to directly compete with, impress or perform for (unlike school, work, social situations)
  • Loneliness at times is a problem, but really it doesn’t affect me too much. I’m usually really busy with work & school so only really an issue when I go to sleep and I’m like “damn I wanna cuddle right now”
  • I sort of lost some certainty for the future, now that I’ve realized money isn’t as important as having loving people around you, etc. So there’s lots of discovering left to do in this life.

Alright, that’s all I can think of for now. AMA, feel free to DM me with any questions and I’m happy to reply.

Happy thanksgiving be thankful for what you’ve got, don’t compare streaks and shit.

LINK – 21m – 100 days of hard mode (effortless)

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