Age 21 – 200 days: better focus & energy, experiencing emotions

Alright, first off, this isn’t my usual account. . (decided to take it off for anonymity)

I hadn’t planned to do a post, because most of my experience was already covered in the other posts. However, I think the community deserves it and I recently just had some symptoms pop up that I wanted to address and see if the community experiences the same. I’ll get to that later. Well I’ll do my best to recollect my experience in a condensed form.

I am 21 now and a junior in college, studying electrical engineering if you’re curious. I have been fapping since Jr. High I guess. I probably (can’t recall exactly) felt guilty due to religious reasons (Catholic here….after nofap I realize maybe religions were on to something with their “rules”), and I suppose the same goes for watching porn. I think it was due to my religious upbringing that made me try and control my addiction. For that reason, I would only watch porn to masturbate and I would try to limit my masturbation to 2-3 times a week at the most (some weeks more some none). However I still found nofap to be a great life changer.

I knew I had to change when I had to start acting like I was the girl during masturbation to help me get off quicker (if I didn’t have porn.) Just imaging a girl wasn’t enough, so I had to pretend I was a girl being fucked while I was masturbating. This is something which I find fucking….repulsive. Luckily I found nofap after 2-3 years of that.

I’m going to list some of my personal traits before and after nofap. Before:

Liked to be lonesome. Hard to get me to show feelings for anyone…hard to “love” anyone. I had the occasional hook up in high school and college but never had a girlfriend. This was mostly due to not finding the person for me. I was very lazy and would sleep a ton. However I still managed to be a great athlete and student.

After: After three weeks I felt like there was a huge change. Felt better overall. It was at this point I decided that this was beneficial and decided to go all out with it. I had sex a few times during the beginning. But I noted, I would have a wet dream once about every three weeks in the beginning (one time 3 times in a week.) But it continually got longer in between wet dreams and now it has been like two months maybe. I noticed more energy, I can sleep less and not be tired like used to. I used to always take naps after school and in between breaks. I haven’t yet this semester. I think I read a post about someone having a hemorrhoid? I randomly had one come and go around the 90 day mark. I noticed a bunch of small things line up with other posts like, I stopped looking down when I walked. My posture improved. Overcoming this addiction caused me to evaluate my other health decisions. I started to eat better and actually did a caffeine detox during summer break! Stopped drinking sodas and tea every day. This was also a big energy helper which I encourage you to try.

Nofap also helped me have more concentration…feel like I can focus better, which lead me to stop my Adderall/focalin for tests (for now, we’ll see when finals come around!)

Decided to elaborate on focus. It has been a DRAMATIC change. Its awesome how much control you have have after nofap. I could barely sit through an hour and a half class before. And sometimes I would find myself browsing gonewild. Once you commit to stopping nofap, you get the focus and control back because every girl you see on campus (or TV/Internet) is no longer potential “fuel” for masturbation. You are in a more relaxed state that isn’t hunting for the next dopamine kick.

My lucid dreams increased and I remembered more dreams. I had this nagging “stress knot” for years that I would get near my neck and right trap. Any stress would activate it. Amazingly that has gone away! I like to be around people more….and can show my family and friends the love they truly deserve and mean it. This post is already long so I’ll add other benefits to comments or questions.

I come to my last point. Just recently, I have emotionally been experiencing things I have never experienced before. It started after pulling an all nighter and taking two hard tests back to back. I didn’t feel good about the tests and I just had a flood of emotions come in that I never experienced before. The most notable was I got homesick for the first time ever and I just wanted to go be with my family! Very strange for me…. And now those feeling come and go. Some days I’m good but some days I get those depressing feelings, but maybe they are just new emotions I need to learn to handle. I’ve rambled for too long, that is all for now, please feel free to ask questions about my experience.

LINK – My report and AMA, 200+ days and counting…

 by _The_Real_Me_