Age 21 – 200 days – I was lethargic, lacking confidence, and blaming everyone else

Hey guys, decided to check in on my 150th day. I’ve been pornfree for 200 days now, and after a couple of relapses made it to my current streak. I check nofap almost daily, and the craziest thing is how my perspective has changed.

To see posters on the first few days writing about how tough it is puts it into perspective for me. Honestly, January 16th doesn’t feel so long ago, but the amount of positive change I’ve made in my life has been truly remarkable. I’m in the best shape of my life, I have a great group of friends, my marks in school jumped from a low 80 to almost 90, and I wake up every day (even when sick) and feel almost euphoric. It’s not just a change in body chemistry, but also a mindset, and I have nofap to thank for starting that.

For the guys starting out at the bottom, let me tell you once you clear the first few weeks, it gets easier, the time flies, and posters like me with 150 days on my flair won’t seem so impossible to imitate.

At this point in the nofap process, I’ve moved so far away from the urge to fap, that it’s almost completely about cleaning up other areas of my life. I’ve seen a counsellor about my (very) strained relationship with my father, and I’ve been leaning on a lot of friends for advice in trying to improve my confidence and as a long term goal end up in a healthy relationship. But it all started with nofap, and by investing in myself, just like you are all investing in yourselves, you’ll be surprised how you see the horizon in less than 150 days.

Before I started nofap I was lethargic, lacking confidence, and blaming everyone else for the problems I created. Now I’m taking responsibility, saying “yes” to so much more, and the opportunities keep emerging in amazing and unexpected ways.

So basically, if you skipped to this last paragraph; you guys and gals are all capable of beating this (not your genitals), and you are all capable of pushing yourselves to heights you can’t even conceive of yet. After 150 days, I’m not only enjoying the view, but excited about what’s appearing on the horizon.

Stay strong, friends.

LINK – 150 Days… And how it feels to be here

by lifemercenary