Age 21 – 40 Days: Depression Gone, Social Anxiety Gone, Motivation Back

I actually used to be on the NoFap train before I knew about NoFap. I went on for about a 300 day streak, 300 days of the most productive and motivating days of my life. Then I slowly slipped into PMO multiple times per day which slowly got worse as did my social anxiety, motivation. I have been pretty depressed over the past year which has been tough for me because everyone knows me previously as a super motivated and awesome guy.

I consider myself to be quite attractive, I hear about a lot of people with crushes on me through the grape vine of my friends. However on the flip side a lot of girls I know say that they are very attracted to me but can’t see themselves dating me because of my lack of outgoingness. Last year I had the chance to date one of the hottest girls in the school – but PMO had already turned me into an unmotivated wimp with a ton of social anxiety and no confidence. This led to a more vicious PMO cycle.

Despite all the things I have going for me in my life, a perfect grade point average, numerous scholarships, athletic success and a loving family that is putting me through university debt free – I just had no motivation to do anything in life and I got depressed over girls and feeling sorry for myself.

It’s truly amazing the power of the mind – it really is. I have made many conscious efforts to get over this depression over this period. However – all have been depressingly unsuccessful. That is until I rekindled NoFap through this sub.

Only 40 days in and I can’t even count the number of times that I have heard girls tell me how different I have been acting. I have been getting so many more looks around campus than I could have imagined. I’m getting motivated in life again. Things that would have sent me into depression don’t even phase me anymore. I could care less what other people think about me and I finally feel confident in myself. I am so much more social that it isn’t even a comparison.

To those that think that depression is their fault – it’s not – but it is under your control. Take hold of this beautiful thing called life and get on for the ride because it’s unparalleled by anything that fapping can offer.

Cheers fellas.

LINK – 40 Days – Depression GONE, Social Anxiety GONE, Motivation BACK 

by nofaplearning