Age 21 – 90 Day Report. Best decision in my life. Seriously.

It was a very hard time but i kept strong for 90 days. No Porn, no masturbation, no orgasm. 90 days ago i thought that this was not possible but i made it. Something inside me seems to be very strong. I believe in myself now.

Thanks NoFap, i came here often, when i was about to give in but you always motivated me to go for one more day. Thanks.

NoFap for me: It didnt solve all my problems, but it made them visible. I changed my diet to ultra healthy, did a lot of sports, travelled and meditated.

I thought about my goals in life ( i am 21 yrs old) and found them. i cured my porn addiction and my brain recovered from it. i am now attracted to cute females and they are naturally attracted to me. my voice is strong, i am focussed, have more energy, my brain is very clear, my skin cleared up. women seem to notice me more, they desire me more, they want to be with me more and they giggle more. my confidence increased. finally i feel grown up and like a real man now. this is the best feeling in the world.

Thank you. Do it.

LINK 90 Day Report. Best decision in my life. seriously. 

by NoFapPua