Age 21 – 90 day report, super powers came back



  • My old mighty memory power seems to come again..
  • I was able to make connections between different abstract things, and my comprehension improved.
  • Good grades are coming back.
  • Social anxiety is dissolving slowly.
  • I have developed self respect.
  • Being able to enjoy smallest things in my life.

After a long chain of relapses, I felt feeling of draining the powers. Then I determined to resist, and now I am here..reboot phase.


I gave my importance to studying mainly. In the class I used to be topper many times. My memory power was at peak until failed to vicious cycle of PMO. The result was.

* My brain almost shut down.

* Terrible social anxiety. I was very weak in maintaining eye contact.

* Brain fog. I felt my brain was like a snail, very slow

* My grades keeps declining along with my reputation

* My entire behaviour was changed.

My plan

This is hardest phase, to tame my mind. My highest streak was 28 days before. I used to relapse at least a week to porn. It was hard to resist. then I laid a plan.

  • Basically I am an Indian..So I chose spiritual path. No gf, no friends to hangout with. Absolutely hard mode.
  • I selected path of brahmacharya, means purity in thought level.
  • Whenever these lustful thoughts arise, I tried to terminate the beginning I failed, eventually I tasted success…believe me guys this is the best guaranteed path to reboot.
  • Meditation strictly 20 min a day. Result was good..Pretty good as days passed on I was more able to terminate my lustful feelings.
  • My second aim was to keep off my hands from my dick..This was also inevitable..
  • In days 87~89 my lust was terrible, I was on edge of relapsing.. but every time lust arises I terminate it in thought level.

My advice to you guys is just Terminate that lust.. And say “I’ll be back” to your dreams…good luck

LINK –90 day report: Super powers came back.

by jediTheFighter