Age 21 – 90 days: more social, greater energy & motivation, perception of women changed

I have finally made it to 90 days. Below I will be counting together the benefits I’ve had by doing the nofap challenge. My benefits are:

Energy – You can’t even imagine how much energy I’ve gained since I’ve started the nofap challenge – the effect is mindblowing. When I’m not working out in the gym, I’m having trouble sitting still in class, because of the huge amount of energy I’ve obtained by not fapping.

Wet dreams – I haven’t had any. At first I was pretty disappointed by it, but I eventually broke through the mindset by saying to myself: “You really don’t need an orgasm, who the fuck cares?”

Discipline – My self-discipline has skyrocketed. If I want something done I get it DONE. No slacking, no “I’ll get it done tomorrow” thoughts.

Social skills – I’d like to thank Seddit for helping me to become a better social person. I’ve read alot from Seddit’s website and learned alot. I’m currently engaged in 4 female and numerous male friendships, which I’ve never thought possible before. Thanks alot Seddit!

Fitness – My goal in fitness is to finish a half marathon in one day in rowing. I’ve found rowing to be extremely fun and challenging! The only thing I’d say to those people considering fitness: Find something that YOU enjoy! Not something someone said you should do because of the huge muscles you would get. You need to find that one thing that YOU enjoy, and keep doing until you are happy with your goals.

The Beauty in women – The first things I noticed when I began my nofap challenge, was that my bad habit of seeing only the beauty in women automatically shifted to be very accepting and open minded towards almost any woman I’ve met.

Sexual desires – Right now I want to go out there and FIND a mate for me. MY sexual desire has never been higher, and I’ve started to become more observant towards women who could become good girlfriends and eventually good mothers. It’s not entirely about their beauty anymore.

Looking back on the past 90 days, I’ve come to realise that anyone can do this if they put their mind to it. I feel like a better person with so much more to give, compared to my old self. Sure, things have been hard on the road to where I am today, but that is nothing compared to reward at the finish line. And I’m not talking about fapping.

For all you fapstronauts out there: Keep it up! I know you can do it! No giving in! No surrender! NoFap!

PS. Here is my “Don’t give up” wallpaper collection, to those of you who needs a little extra for the road ahead of you.

LINK – NoFap challenge – My benefits after 90 days (Motivational Wallpapers inside)

by Soulmonkey


UPDATE – One Year

I have come pretty far this year. I have matured in ways I never thought was possible. This year has been the turning point in my life.

I will never be the same again and for that – I can only thank my own will and discipline. The first couple of weeks were the hardest to overcome. I don’t think I would ever have accomplished it without the support of this subreddit (thank you!). Luckily I was moving out to live on my own, away from my parents. I was 21 at that point. I’m pretty sure this helped me through the first couple of weeks as I knew this would become a big turning point in my life if I succeeded. After the 90 goal I could look back at some amazing things that I learned (Link) about myself and how I changed to become a better man. Now I look back again and see the most amazing year in my life!

One of my goals this year was to become a better social person and behave a lot more normal around women and I can safely say that I completed this goal already halfway through this year. I am who I want to be around other people and I am never concerned how other people portray me. One of the things I learned from /r/Seduction is that you must always portray the man you want to be in order to become that man. Always be confident and always smile for god’s sake!

Before this year started I would be nervous when going to parties or social gatherings, sometimes I wouldn’t even bother to go and make up some lame excuse in the last minute. Now I can look back on this year and see how my transformation has also impacted my ability to be social. Now I always look forward to spending time with my friends, and getting to know new people in new social encounters is the best thing I know!

Another goal for me this year was to become a more attractive person and increase the level of interaction with women. Again with the help of /r/Seduction, I have made it so very far and cannot thank them enough to have helped me with my journey! Before this journey. Looking back I can with a sly smile say that these interactions are a reality now. Women aren’t an object for me anymore and it has made my social interaction with them much easier than before. When I talk to a girl, I’m not talking to a pretty face anymore; I’m talking to a human being! When It comes to dating I still feel that a long journey is ahead of me, but I’m excited for the new year since I’ve promised myself to find a girlfriend before the year is over.

I’ve had ups and downs this year, but I can confidently say that I’m already looking forward to those new ups and downs in 2014, because I know that my evolution from boy to man has only just begun.

P.S. Here is my Motivational Wallpapers in case anyone didn’t spot it in my 90 day post(sorry about the double image in there)

P. P. S. If anyone has ANY questions at all about my /NoFap journey, don’t hesitate to ask! I feel it would be easier for both me and you to answer questions than to make a wall of text, so please – fire away! 🙂


UPDATE – I did two years on /NoFap AMA