Age 21 – 90 days: No more ED, confidence pretty solid now

Sooooo, here i am at 90 days. I’m not going to lie, I’m mainly writing this thread because i feel damn proud of myself, but also because when i was starting, the 90 day reports helped me.

changes in me:

no more ED.

my confidence is pretty solid now. it spiked around the 20-40 day mark, but after that it evened out and now its pretty solid.

i believe in myself more. like, when i want to do something, i know i can do it. before this i always kinda did nothing because i never believed in myself. even little things like, i never wanted to go places on my own, but now i do.

I’m alot happier, and i have more self control. when i say I’m going to get outta bed at 10 am, i do. when i say I’m going to drink more water, i do. just lots of little things.

i feel like a much better person now in general now (which was one of my goals at the start).

things that might help you (that helped me)

  1. set your goals. this is important, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll just walk circles until you get so tired you collapse and fail. just set your goals simple, such as “i wont fap until this date. i will drink more water. i will exercise every 2nd day. i will become a better person.” easy as that. write them down somewhere so you know them.
  2. if you have problems with your urges when you are alone, get where people can see you! seriously, open your curtains, get out into common area of your house, go sit outside, go to a coffee shop. just don’t stay holed up in your dark bedroom with your PC. if you do that, you’re bound to fail.
  3. when you are really questioning why you’re doing this. refer to your goals. and think “am i any worse off for trying? am i losing anything? what have i got to lose just by trying this for 90 days.”

Anyways, thats all I’ve got for you.

i gotta say thanks to all the people who’ve spoken to me along the way, and thanks in general to all the fapstronauts that post and inspire each other.

LINK dat blue star – my 90 day report

by Mr-31


UPDATE – leaving the forum on a good note

basically, ive achieved all i wanted to achieve with the NoFap challenge. i dont feel any desire to end my streak, and i dont feel any pressure about ending it if i choose to do so.

i stopped checking in here often at around day 50 and since then its just been every few days. at this point, im going to unsubscribe from the forum because i still use the rest of reddit and i dislike seeing the NoFap posts on my front page.

why? because its a part of my life that im done with, and im leaving it behind. the same way we all delete our porn folders when we realise we’re done with it.

anyways, thankyou to everyone thats helped me along the way. this is an amazing community, and can be very helpful.

my advice to anyone in their first week;

  1. keep busy. when youre busy, you dont have time to fap. you can work out, take a new hobby, anything. just dont sit on your pc/laptop all day in your room lonely. get out there.
  2. if youre doing this for girls, youre doing it for the wrong reasons. NoFap is to change YOU. the results of that might be good, but they dont matter, and the quicker you understand that the better.
  3. try not to focus too much on NoFap 100% of the time. when you get urges, yes, its very important you remember your challenge and do something to stop yourself. but other than that, just enjoy life.
  4. just believe in yourself. you will make it to 90, because thats the only option.

good luck all, ill check back in from time to time