Age 21 – 90 days: Social life is back, people respect me

First of all a quick back-story. Masturbator since I was a 12 year old kid. It kinda started when I saw an erotic CD of my fathers. Since then it kind of got out of hand. At age 20 I barely had any social contacts anymore, was PMOing at least 5 times a day and my grades were shit. One day I saw a link of YBOP and I knew what the problem was: porn had taken over. You see, porn has become so accepted into our society, that it’s become strange not to watch porn. It has become associated with manliness and coming of age since every male that has hit puberty now watches porn. I myself thought that it was due to an increased libido that I watched so much porn. Now I know I was wrong. I had an addiction. My social life was a wreck. I barely went out and most certainly didn’t have any female contacts.

The first few days are hard in their own way. You become steadily more horny every day until you hit about 2 weeks (at this point I was at my best mood, I felt like I owned the world). I wish that feeling after 2 weeks was permanent, that felt fucking amazing. I feel less confident now but more in control. Then the flat line began. This part of your trip sucks the most. Finally you reach a point that you feel completely in control.

Needless to say, if you stop browsing pornographic websites for hours per day, you’ll have more spare time. So here is a list of this that I did with my spare time:

-School, first thing I ‘fixed’ were my grades for med school. From a 53% average to a 73% average. Yes kids, learning for your tests work.

-Started playing piano, I stopped when I was 14 year old and never picked it up again, until now. I almost got für elise down after 2 months or so. Yet again, practise makes perfect. I might be looking into lessons in the future, since I know I barely can improve on my own now.

-Reading. This opens a new world to anyone. There’s just so much to learn from books. Currently I am reading the great Gatsby and the book of five rings by Miyamoto Musashi (I would recommend this to anybody who does martial arts).

-Lifting weights. Great way to relax and chill with bros. I already did some karate before, so I hope this will make me a better karateka.

-Home brewing. I make my own booze from apples. Shit is good man.

-Being a test subject for science. That’s how I earn my moneys.

-Knitting. Difficult to start with and very monotonous. I still suck at this but one day I will make my own flag/clothing piece.

-Having my social life back. I started going outside my house again.

Before NoFap I was a kissless-virgin who didn’t have any female contact whatsoever. During my stay here, I made out with 2 girls, so that’s a large improvement. I also fingered some lady, still a virgin though. This all is kinda weird, because I am still oblivious when it’s about women. People tell me often enough that I am attractive and that some girls are really into me. I am just not picking up the signals. That doesn’t bother me that much anymore. Life is just way too awesome to be worried about the petty things.

And maybe the best thing that has changed for me. People start to respect me. I am talking about strangers, friends and colleagues. I’ve become one of the gym’s regulars now and people are impressed with what I lift (I am used to being the skinniest guy everywhere I go, this is a new feeling). Friends are looking up to me, because I’ve become so much more daring when it comes to women and everything. My dad (mr. so-you-climbed-mount-Everest-pussy-I-climbed-the-Everest-without-ropes-and-oxygen) is proud that I finally took control over my life and has started complimenting my achievements. A little side note, he rarely gives compliments to anybody, if he says you are good then you are good. He knows something is up. My grades are higher than those of my friends at school (not yet one of the best, but they will be one day), and they are impressed by my wits. This is a new weird feeling. I never had this before, I was that average guy.

If you ask me now if I am cured, I would answer no. I defeated MO for 90 days, but I still crave P on a daily basis. During my 90 day period I still watched porn now and then, didn’t edge though. My next step will be becoming completely free from porn.

You guys are the best, great community. I know my life would be way worse if I’d never heard about you guys. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done, I know I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks.

tl;dr Do NoFap, stick with it, you are awesome.

LINK – 90 days completed. Here’s my story

by MyNoFap