Age 21 – 90 Days: Some bad stuff, mostly good stuff.

92 day to be exact. Background: 21 year old male, single.

Temptations: Found the first couple of weeks very difficult, and particularly around the 30-day mark. Lately it hasn’t been very hard, it just starts to feel normal after a while.

Edging: I have edged quite a few times but managed to resist complete relapse. I would highly recommend NOT doing it despite the intense temptation at times. From now on I pledge that I won’t watch any form of porn or edge at all!

Sex: I managed to have sex with a girl after about 35 days in. It was the quickest i’d ever been in my life. Sort of embarrassing, but fortunately happened to be quite convenient given the context. She was pretty hot, and I don’t think I would have had the balls to make the move without nofap (and a bit of alcohol). I’ve probably had sex about 20 times since I started nofap. Sex becames way better. It feels like I have such a closer connection with the girl. Back when I was PMOing, a lot of pornographic images would pop into my head mid-sex, which I know couldn’t have been healthy.

Perception of females: Girls seem way hotter. I notice girls all the time. For the first few weeks I would consider every almost every girl as a potential partner.

General Wellbeing: I don’t know if I can fully attribute it to nofap, but I feel happier in general, and feel like I have more time for more important things.

Problem: Need for sex eventually led to me telling a few white lies to ex-girlfriend for sex. Essentially made me act like a dick to her. Ended up in tears.

Last no where near as long: As mentioned before, I’m way quicker in bed. It’s not a good feeling finally getting with a girl after a lot of effort, only to reap the rewards for a few minutes.

Advice to others: Keep going! I told myself I would aim for 90 days then go back to regular fapping. Fuck that – the positives strongly outweigh the negatives. If you’re ever close to edging – leave your room! Get outside more. Join a gym. Man up and talk to more girls – so tough to get over the fear barrier but it’s always worth it in the end. Don’t fap!

LINK – 90 Day Report: Some bad stuff, mostly good stuff.

by ballenyislands