Age 21 – Amazing how much positive impact not touching your d!ck can have on your life


Journey began Dec 2016. Found my passion and what I wanted to do as a career. Picked up routines and habits that have improved my life greatly. No longer lounge around being unproductive and sulking about how life is hard, but actually go out and work towards I want.

Could care less about girls, I work on myself and my ambitions before even thinking about giving away my time and energy to others.

University has given me a scholarship to head to Europe and participate in an innovation program. I get to traverse a whole new continent alone and hopefully grow even more.

It’s amazing how much of a positive impact not touching your d!ck can have on your life.

Im 21. Longest streak was 54 then the rest were 20 and 30s.

I used to be very lazy. Used to always want a gf, thought I needed one to be happy. Was always a moody person.

Basiclly I felt like something was missing, I felt empty. I think the universe was kicking me in the butt saying changes need to be made.

LINK –  Life did a 180 since starting NoFap.

By abovexbeyondtv


Today was my first day back at University. The past few days have been pretty bad for me, watched P a couple of times. Wasn’t looking forward to going to Uni because of these fuckups.

But I was so fucking confident once class actually started. A girl walked into the class and sat on my table, and I just had a feeling. The kind of feeling you get where you feel like you HAVE to do something. I get these feelings every now and then but most of the time it comes with a lot of resistance and my mind telling me, nooo don’t do this. It wasn’t the case this time, I KNEW my actions were gonna speak out loud. I wanted to get to know this girl, there was something different about her, maybe it was because I heard she was from Colombia and I recently binged the series Narcos, idk. I just knew she wasn’t the basic and materialistic type of girl.

I took initiative, formed our project group with her in it, came up with the project idea and allocated myself as team leader.

Class ended and people slowly left the room, but I stayed in my chair, going over the group work to ensure we were ready and prepared for next weeks class. She was also doing the same, I was impressed by this. I sat closer to her in the free chair, she wanted to show me something work related on her laptop. I seen her close an open window on her laptop, it was an e-book about vegetarianism, I’m vegan so it kind of caught my attention. I asked her what that was and we got talking. I was right, she was actually different and interesting.

Just like the thought/idea that popped in my head when she first walked into the classroom and I knew I wanted to talk to her and have her in my group, another idea popped up. I wanted to have lunch with her and get to know her even more. I simply asked if she had a class after this and she said no, I then asked if she wanted to grab a bite with me and she said yes. Again I just took action without hesitating like I usually do.

We walked over and just talked and it felt so fucking right and natural, not once did I have any feelings of anxiousness. We could share moments of silence together and I didn’t feel awkward or feel the pressure to need to say something to stop the silence. It felt like we had known each other for a long time and it wasn’t just some chick I met that day.

That was my day, title may have been a bit misleading. No I didn’t jump out of an airplane, no I didn’t pickup some babe off the street. I simply wanted to get to know a girl and I didn’t question myself, I just did it.

I never thought I’d be able to do things like this so easily and comfortably. I was the type of person who would run up to my room when guests came over because I felt shy and just carried a weird sense of shame (which I didn’t know I had).

I won’t say NoFap was the sole reason for my growth but it was definitely a catalyst. A catalyst for self-improvement for all aspects in my life.

Had one of the best days of my life.