Age 21 – Brain fog almost gone, I feel more emotions, Anxiety & social anxiety greatly reduced, Music sounds better


Hello guys I started this journey with a friend so it made everything alot easier because we made it like a competition, and we also have another friend who’s already doing it for like 2 years now I think.

(English not my first language btw)

I noticed a few changes:

  • Brain fog is indeed almost gone. Normally I would think so hard to remember something but now I can come up with it pretty fast.
  • Emotions, I feel more. Can be good but can also be a bad thing sometimes. I also get a lot les angry then I would before Nofap
  • Social anxiety: Tbh I haven’t test it out as much yet, but I used to be a very social awkward person. Like any social interaction would be hard, it’s so much less now.
  • Oh and you know when you walk past a group of good looking girls and you don’t know where to look. It’s so easy now.
  • And for anxiety itself, also been reduced by a lot.
  • Music sounds so good as well, I used to get a lot of Goosebumps listening to music when I was like 16-17 (21 now btw). But now I seem to be getting them on the regular again

I think that pretty much it; unless I missed something I guess you could ask me.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

LINK – Day 100 and first post

by sgtpepperr95