Age 21 – Cured DE and ED: No M or P aside from normal relations with GF


I found this forum about 6 months ago, and searched for success stories of curing DE while in a relationship. I didn’t find anything exactly like my situation, but I was inspired by other successes. First, it was a gradual process to actually reach my goals.

I had suffered from delayed ejaculation my whole sexual life (probably due to death grip), and recently from ED also. I quit porn first, and wow! What a difference it has made in my life. I highly recommend that you all quit for good it has changed my social skills completely especially with women.

Now, I have been dating the same girl for 8 months now and at first I was struggling with ED, but that passed (due to not watching porn, and limiting masturbating), but until last week I was unable to ejaculate without finishing myself off. It made sex more of a chore than fun.

Finally, giving up masturbating completely, and not finishing myself off after sex was the solution to my problems. Now I consider my performance ideal! much more sexual drive, and sex is much more exciting being able to finish naturally.

I wish I had done this years ago! Oh well, the best time to make a change is the present.

For those that didn’t read the whole post-
Summary: zero porn, and zero masturbation leads to normal sex life. I realize that not all of you are in a relationship or frequently get laid, which makes this hard because it is really difficult to do god mode. All I can say is what worked for me. I strongly encourage you all to give up porn and masturbation.

LINK – No M or P aside from normal relations with GF cured DE and ED – possible trigger warning

by fredhamster