Age 21 – Delayed ejaculation/Anorgasmia healed

So, quick rundown, I’m 21 and I’ve been doing No Fap for about a year and a half. My main reason for starting was that despite my ability to get girls, I would have extreme difficulty orgasmic during sex or foreplay. Most girls wouldn’t be able to make me orgasm at all until their fourth try normally. The first two girls I had sex with could not make me orgasm at all during our entire relationship, even though I found them to be very attractive.

I would often go soft while my penis was in their hands/mouth/vagina after a period of time, and it would often leave the girl I was with feeling unattractive or inadequate for being unable to bring me to completion despite all of her best effort, not to mention leaving me unsatisfied.

I got anxious of the idea that I had erectile dysfunction at age 19, but then thought more about it and realized that I achieved orgasm practically every time that I was beating off to porn. This obviously meant the problem was in my head. My problem was that I was conditioning myself to respond sexually to the stimulus of porn fantasies and my own touch rather than receiving arousal and gratification from other people.

My first streak on NoFap reached fifteen days, and on the fifteenth day a girl I had been hooking up with for the three weeks prior to No Fap was able to make me orgasm for the first time, I was thrilled. From that point on I did No Fap on and off, failing taking a break from it, and starting over. My longest streak was last summer, where I finished about 70 days on No Fap before I caved (I wasn’t getting laid at all during that entire period of time, it was difficult).

The less I fapped the more gratifying I found real sexual experience to be, and the greater the ease I had reaching orgasm. I’ve had sexual relations with five different partners since I started No Fap, and I’ve noticed that each one is a measure of progress because they succeed more readily at making me orgasm. A girl I started sleeping with about five weeks ago was able to make me orgasm on her second try, which was impressive to me, and a new girl that I started sleeping with last night was able to make me orgasm on her first try, something that has never happened to me ever. I’m feeling great, and I’m certain that without No Fap I wouldn’t have been able to solve my problem. Keep working towards your goals guys! It helps!

TL;DR, I had a really hard time reaching orgasm during sex and could only get off while fapping. Gave up fapping the summer before last and steadily improved until I no longer had difficulty achieving orgasm.

LINK – Delayed/suspended orgasm issues finally cured!

 by Asshole_Patrol