Age 21 – ED: 2.5 years of struggle, but I am finally there

Well it’s been a long road like 2.5 years. I started young probably around 11 or 12 and used to watch and masturbate to porn at least twice a day for a long time. I didn’t experience any ED tho until college.

I used to have to walk off erections after I kissed a girl haha. Even my first semester of college when I fucked this girl one night hammered I could walk around with a stiffy lol.

Anyways it was right after that time I decided to quit porn and masturbating jus randomly no reason just felt like I should now that I am in college. Well about 2 weeks to 3 weeks later I had to jack off and this is when I noticed problems , had really weak erections while MO’ing and it freaked me out. I actually saw a urologist and my regular doctor and they all said the same, performance anxiety or it’s all in my head. Well the next 3 months were horrible. I had bad anxiety and maybe even depression, had no idea of the site yet tho, and I was still looking up porn again because I thought something was wrong with me.

Then I saw Gary Wilson’s Ted talk and I believed it right away and jumped right into the reboot process. I went Like a month until I relapsed because I started losing hope. And I went through like a year of that and kept repeating and relapsing. Then 1.5 years ago I had a girl I liked ass naked and still couldn’t get hard and would lose any errection I would get if I got one. I decided right ther enough is enough and I quit PMO and haven’t jerked off to porn since then. I now don’t keep track of how many days it’s been because it’s a life style change not a challenge, you Gotta teach your self to not worry about it and stop wanting to test yourself.

Anyways so obviously sometimes your gonna see a movie that has some sex scenes or nudity , don’t freak out jus don’t focus on it condition your self to laugh at how pathetic it is and realize it’s fantasy and not real.

I didn’t completely quit masturbation & orgasm until about 40 days ago. I would go on like 30 day streaks and I would always be testing my self. You gotta get out of the house go to party’s meet girls have fun and forget about this site for a few days or a week. Obsession doesn’t help you reboot time and living your life do. Open up to one of your close friends it Always helps especially when your having one of those days where flat line is strong and your really down on your self. I always went to the gym and tried to keep busy with basketball or what ever sport suites you.

Met one of my best friends now on this site , and I still call and text him today . Maybe I can’t get his ass to post a thing or two on here , but we both were at the same points in are reboot roughly when I quit for good. But you have to talk to someone about it trust me it will help it’s part of the process.

Anyway now the good part – so the last year I’ve been slowly gaining a lot of confidence. I was talking to girls naturally not planning what I was gonna say and not getting all nervous. And it seemed like my confidence in sex still lacked until a week ago when I was hitting another 30 day streak.

So the good part: I met this girl literally without planning it one day when I went out to lunch at work got her number and asked her out to get a drink. Well let’s jus say it’s all history now haha, banged her brains out in every position you could imagine. During foreplay I did lose my erection a little, for a little while, but I didn’t freak out like I used to and when it came time to go in I responded, haha. Was horny all weekend following that night and she couldn’t get enough of me either. We went at it two more nights in a row the following week and I used a condom.

I wouldn’t say I am completely healed but I am finally feeling great about the progress and I am on my way I know it will only get better. That’s how the reboot process works – if you stay dedicated it can only get better I promise you. Believe me I have experienced it all – hard flaccid, numbness, shrinkage, anxiety attacks, back pain, brain fog. I still have shrinkage sometimes but I no longer give it attention and I’ve noticed that always helped it.

Quick tips:

  • don’t obsess over everything put it aside , even this site check it once a week or every few days  for while
  • talk to someone close about it open up let it go
  • quit cold turkey don’t mo for a while , honestly I don’t even care about doing it anymore it’s useless
  • don’t test yourself
  • go have fun meet girls and have sex when ur ready if you can’t perform don’t freak out about it , you’ll know when your ready you won’t be able to help it.

I am here to answer any questions anyone might have, don’t be afraid to ask .

I would like I thank everyone on this forum and Gary Wilson for changing my life. The reboot works and has honestly made me feel reborn, haha.

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BY LivingLife2014