Age 21 – ED: 365 days – confidence through the roof, social anxiety gone

This is my story of the changes that I noticed in my 365 days of no PMO. Lets first begin by saying that if any of you are skeptical about quitting porn then tune in and listen up because I am offering you evidence that this REALLY works.

My story is the same as everyone else’s…saw porn for the first time around the age of 14 and have been masturbating to it on the regular since then. I was never good with the ladies and I figured that’s just ‘who I am’.

During my freshman year in college, I began partying and meeting new people. My friends were all hooking up with girls and having sex while I on the other hand would get numbers but never had the drive to sleep with girls. Again, I thought this must be ‘who I am’. I just thought that I was the guy who likes to hang out with girls but not have sex with them. I thought this was normal.

My wake up call was when I was in my dorm room with this beautiful girl with the best body I have ever seen. We were making out and she starts to take her clothes off and gets completely NAKED in my bed. As she proceeded to take my pants off, I stopped her. I didn’t want her to realize that I was still soft underneath my pants so I tried to force an erection by thinking about porn but it didn’t work. I failed miserably that night but I made up an excuse so she wasn’t too worried. When I saw her again, we tried to have sex but I was still having a tough time getting an erection.

This happened multiple times with different girls and that’s when I knew something was wrong.

I found YBOP and read every article on there. I was surprised to see how accurately it described my situation. From the social anxiety to the ED at an early age. I decided to quit COLD TURKEY. I just completely stopped and threw all of my magazines and videos away. 

For the first month, the changes were subtle. After the first month though I started to realize certain changes in my personality.

The BIGGEST change in my personality would have to be my CONFIDENCE. Before I would be too scared to talk to girls and I just kept to myself. And even if I did end up talking to a girl, I would have a bit of social anxiety that would easily show in my body language; I used to do things like rub my elbows while I talked to girls. I also would avoid too much eye contact.

A list of changes that will happen to you:

  • CONFIDENCE through the rooooof
  • You begin to control your enviornment
  • I used to be in the background at bars before (not shitting you) I am the center of attention
  • Eye contact with girls becomes so easy you need to beware because they will fall for you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
  • You begin to thrive for social situations. (I used to be an extreme home body before I rebooted)
  • Reboot will help you realize that anything is possible if you can kick a habit that you have been living with for years.
  • Everywhere you go, you will want to interact with people. You will become THAT guy without fear.
  • Lets be honest, everyone has been rejected before but during reboot, rejection hurts less. I think this is because those of us who are rebooting understand that if we lose a girl it just means we have more time to pursue other options.

A last disclaimer for the rebooters who are SINGLE:

Guys, listen up, you will begin to have power over girls because of your new confidence but you have to make a commitment to yourself that you will only use your powers for the greater good.

You are going to get more girls during your reboot then you have ever got during your entire life. I just want you guys to understand that while you are juggling multiple girls, do your best to not hurt any of them. Be honest with the girls you are dating so that they know what to expect. Other than that go out there and have FUN.

I cant thank this site for having changed my life. This has changed not only the course that my life will take but my own outlook on my future. Thanks for reading guys. Peace!

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by streetlove