Age 21 – (ED) 5-months, continued to have sex

ED is now gone and I am horny 24/7 and can get it up no problem. And I even get turned on in everyday situations, it’s hard to explain. But I’m feeling alive. I never fully recovered after my flatline [he had written about earlier]. I could get it up sometimes, but my dick wasn’t hard – and I felt little libido – but was horny. Kinda hard to explain. Now its all good. So there is hope for the worst of us man.

Do the Kegels it f***ing helps.

LINK – NoFap for 4 months (1 time in 5 months) ED gone.

by popged

[One Month Earlier] I decided to share my story hoping that it will encourage and benefit those of you trying to quit and overcome an addiction.

I have probably been fapping since age 8 or 9 up until age 21. I have been smoking weed almost everyday for the past 2 and half years. I’ve been together with my current girlfriend for about 4 months. The same day I quit fapping and smoking weed. At first I had no idea that porn-addiction could cause ED. So the first couple of times I tried to have sex, I had a difficult time getting it up, I just blamed this on alcohol, weed, performance anxiety. Then about a week or 2 after, I had no trouble getting it up, but my erections were only 60-70%, and were quite sluggish. I noticed something was wrong when I went soft after a couple minutes of intercourse.

I blamed it on the weed, saying it had messed me up, and it would eventually pass. In the 3rd week I hit a flatline, I had absolutely no libido, when I mean flatline I’m talking serious flatlining, I couldn’t even get it up with my hand, and only 50% while watching porn. I had a very difficult time cuming (I tried this once to test if I could get it up, as I hadn’t experienced this before, and didn’t know about ybop or porn addiction).

I used Viagra 5-6 times during my flatline to have intercourse, and sometimes it would jump-start my libido slightly the day after sex. but it wouldn’t last very long, and I’m starting to think I just wanted to orgasm. But I had no desire to view porn, and it didn’t turn me on anymore. I was probably at day 60 when my flatline gradually got better.

So after abstaining from sex without Viagra for a month or so. I could start having sex again without it. But my erections weren’t 100% more like 80-90% and it went down to 60-80% after a couple of minutes, but still enough to penetrate her. I was more sensitive during sex some of the days, where I hadn’t had an O in a couple of days or a week. And PE persisted 3-4 times after one another. It went away eventually, when I started having more sex. Although I have had no trouble lately getting erections with my gf, I get it just by kissing and touching her. My refractory period is 1 day. I can have sex once per day, and my erections aren’t where i want them to be its still 80-90% Which annoys me, so i recently started doing kegel exercises and this might be just what I need.

Lately my girlfriend has been away for 1 week. And I’m starting to noticing signs of flatline again. I mean I have no trouble getting it up, just touching it 10-20 seconds. And although I can get it almost 100% erection. I don’t get an erection thinking about sex, watching sexy pictures or whatever. But I am horny as fuck, and really wanna have sex again soon! This might be because i am rewiring my brain to the real thing. Or it might be because i forced an erection and tried to have sex twice the day she left. So it set me back, I don’t know.

All I know is that this Porn induced ED is real! Because I never hit a flatline before and was always horny as fuck during my days of masturbating. I would get random erections and all of that, and I was very sensitive. Now when I have sex I last 5-15 minutes. Which is a lot considering; I only lasted about 5 minutes 1 time with my ex-girlfriend 4-5 years ago. When ED wasn’t prominent.

I also noticed less social anxiety and was more happy and outgoing when i started no fap.

If u have any questions i will try and answer em, just keep on track, even though you don’t have a gf. You will get 1 eventually, because in the end this no-fap will make you horny as fuark.