Age 21 – (ED), 6-week success story

So first of I just want to thank all these forums & sites like YBOP for the constant motivation to never lay hands on my cock again!

Im turning 22 in a few weeks.

I was legit addicted to porn for like 5/6 years. Everyday, multiple times a day. Binges like a mofo. Porn took a toll on my life, self esteem, everything. Didn’t have sex for about 6 years, but every time I did get into bed with a girl to fool around which wasn’t that uncommon [Average looking dude] I couldn’t get hard. I’d usually blame it on the alcohol. Or saying I’m not in the mood, blah, blah. I could not figure out why the fuck I couldn’t get hard & I never wanted to bring the same girl over twice just in case limp dick happened again. Bailing out one time, okay, two times, questionable.

While Googling ‘Why cant I get hard with a girl’ Lol.. I came across all these previous accounts of ppl experiencing the exact same thing & then suddenly it hit me. My cock with desensitized by my death grip & heavy porn use. (I would also always start my jerking off over my boxers, for years.. I think I liked the feeling of fabric friction)

But yeah to make a long story short so far I’ve lasted 6 weeks with no pmo. Early into week 2 I tried having sex & my cock was dead as a door knob even after she gave me head. Then last night, which was my last day of week 6 I tried having sex again & IT WORKED! ….I got really hard at some points, other times maybe depending on the position it was a little weaker, but a far cry away from what I dealt with for the past 5 years.

I even had to run out of my house mid session half naked to get the condoms from the car & I was still able to have sex, fucking mind boggling. Now I will say… I wasn’t able to bust that night, prob could have if I really tried but we were drinking pretty heavily before. Any who,, the following morning when we woke up together we had sex again & this time I busted! I’m happy as hell right now.

I’m deff not 100% cured & I will strive to make that 90 day mark.. But even after 90 days. I will never PMO again [Fingers crossed]

I’m telling you, this shit is curable & you should start curing your addiction asap.

True benefits I started to realize:

-Over all confidence

-Less social anxiety

-Random boners

-Fullness of penis

-Way way less depressed – I was never depressed externally but some days during PMO binges I felt depressed internally.

-Much stronger attraction to real women

-The need to interact with women, dates.

I think my libido left for a little bit but I was more focused on the goal so I really didn’t give much attention to it & just kept moving on. Week by week. month by month we all can do this!

Wishing every one the best on their journey!

LINK – There is hope! End of week 6 success story! NO FAP & NO PORN WORKS. 

by NoFapForever