Age 21 – (ED): 8 months PMO free, with constant rewiring

The redemption is over. I am out of hell! These words seemed so much poetic to me just a few weeks ago. Hell, even a few days ago.

Poesy. Utopy. Dream. No more. No more a dysfunctional human being. No more an impotent loser. No more. Last night i had proper sex, no pills, no premature ejaculation, no big erectile dysfunction. (I’m not 100% cured, just that i am cured enough to have normal lasting proper sex which for me was the holy grail since 2 and a half years ago). I am pretty sure that it will go even better and better and even if somedays it wont be the same as last night, it doesn’t matter. All that it matters is that IT IS POSSIBLE! Hell, some days may be better, some may be worse, if it will work worse today or any other day i wont freak out cause i know that IT CAN BE DONE, IT CAN WORK LIKE A CHARM. The evolution has just begun, things will be even more better day by day, i now know that.

But it wasn’t always like this. Just a few weeks ago, i was suicidal. Thought that it will NEVER ever get better. 8 months PMO free, with constant rewiring and still ED and PE all over. Hell, even a few days ago i thought this. But kids, stick with the plan and it will work. Look over to my journal, i was desperate, i sent personal messages to all the experienced rebooters that i knew asking them what to do. But, the final and most important end message is this: STICK TO THE MOTHERFUCKING PLAN!

Get porn out of your life. No, you didn’t got me right. GET ANY ARTIFICIAL SEXUAL STIMULI OUT OF YOUR LIFE. STOP HAVING SEXUAL THINGS WITH SCREENS AND SUCH THINGS. START HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH REAL PEOPLE. That’s it. The summary of course. The journey, hm, hell on earth some times. I am not 100 % cured so to truly feel that i have won, but this wont happen overtime at one moment. Like, AHA, i am cured! It will be gradual improvement. But if there is that one “aha” moment, it is now. And because it is now, i posted the success story NOW.

Life is literally awesome. Someone has a grasp on it. Get out from under it. It took  me years of my life to do it. It will take you the same?

I want to finish this with a shout out to my girlfriend. My future wife. Baby, when you are reading this, i want you to know that i love you like no other man loves any other woman in the world. You are my love, my soul mate. I deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re my hero. If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t have been possible. You really opened my eyes to love and to the most beautiful life that i didn’t even dream of. You stayed with me when no other would have stayed. You supported and loved me when no other would have. For this i will thank you with all my love, all of our lives. You are my first woman, my only woman, and my last woman. I will dedicate my life to the body, soul and heart of a single woman. YOURS. I never thought that i could meet someone like you. I never thought you existed. But you exist and fill my life with joy. I will too. You stayed with me at my worst, you more than deserve me at my best. I will love you till the end of time!


LINK – The redemption is over. I am out of hell!

by ssj4goku1992