Age 21 – ED: 9+ months. Be patient, It worked.

I almost wanted to give up hope. Thought I was incurable. Thought a lot of people like me were, those started at age 11 and didn’t even have a first kiss till 18, and with no responses whatsoever down there with about 15 different girls when my times finally came….  It took me over a year of the worst ED you can imagine, until I finally found out: I was wrong.

It took:

  • 9.5 months absolutely no Porn
  • the last 5.5 months were no Masturbation or Orgasm
  • these last 4 weeks having sex again (low quality at first) to rewire

It got better and better each day of rewring, and then today: I had the most amazing sex of my life

Just thinking about the feeling turns me on now. Don’t give up hope. It takes time, even up to a year, but if you give up porn and even M for awhile and then rewire:


And it will be more worth it then you know…

Good luck out there 🙂

LINK – BE PATIENT. It worked.