Age 21 – (ED): Absolute Full Erection – Success!

I’m 21 years old and started PMO when I was 14. I masturbated a lot, kinda got fried out, but kept going anyway. Surprisingly, this is also when I also started to develop a love for exercise. I would work out nearly every day with no sufficient rest or sleep, so that killed my sex drive when combined with my current PMO habits.

I’ve had SO many, SO SO many, failed attempts with girls simply because I was not interested. I knew that I was SUPPOSED to be interested, but simply wasn’t. Needless to say, I did not get an erection any time.

Then came this black chick when I was in college. She could kinda tell that I had some ED problems when we first started hooking up, she was super cool about it. From then on, I would get a harder and harder erection every time, until I got to the point where I had no traces of ED.

However, then came another PMO downward spiral. Lasted about 5 more months, to the point where I really got suicidal. Since quitting, I have done a successful 30 and 45 day hard mode streaks. However, I only “relapsed” to masturbating, no porn, with no thoughts of the previous femdom porn I had earlier gotten into.

So here I am now. I’m on my second day break from working out, and attempting to relax more. I actually just got done hanging out with this girl who jerked me off. The whole time, all I did differently was BREATHE and RELAX. I received the fullest, hardest, absolutely prime erection I’ve seen in years. I knew that was my manhood. That’s what I’m rollin with.

I know that this damn ED was in my head the whole time! I never slept well either, so I was just a complete nervous wreck. I’m telling you. Get a few AWESOME nights of sleep, stay extremely hydrated, and meditate if its your thing. You need to BREATHE and RELAX. Focus on the girl’s beautiful body, warmth, the smell of her hair, her curves, everything. And you will receive that rhino’s horn erection you want.

One love!

LINK – Absolute Full Erection – SUCCESS!!

by FreeBeast