Age 21 – ED cured, Gained focus & intuition, overcame social anxiety, and more

91 days ago I was browsing off-the-shelf viagra knock offs at a discount pharmacy stand in the airport of Mexico city.

I’d had a random sexual experience which, like the rest of them, played out like a tragic porno in fast forward. Two minutes of vigorous semi-erect humping followed by apologies and confusion. Then at least two weeks of self-loathing and confusion.

I searched reddit to see if anyone knew where I could find a steady supply of male enhancement drugs on the cheap, thinking I may as well form a lifelong dependency at this point. Suddenly, I happened across nofap.

In the last three months I have:

  1. Had regular, serene make out sessions which feel like deep meditation or psychedelic drugs
  2. Grew out my hair
  3. Initiated seven new fapstronauts
  4. Stopped thinking of other men as competitors
  5. Stopped thinking of attractive woman solely in terms of sex; they’re really people now.
  6. Noticed all the REALLY beautiful women in my life who don’t conform to the platinum blonde boob job aesthetic
  7. Overcame my social anxiety
  8. Made love to five different women
  9. Gained focus
  10. Gained intuition
  11. Gained another five pounds of muscle and a lot of tone
  12. Started doing blender again
  13. Started to acknowledge and examine my other addictions, excessive pot use, reddit, youtube
  14. Had the hardest, most long lasting erections of my life
  15. Went from grower-not-a-shower to grower-when-I-show-her
  16. Actually though, my sex is slow now, passionate, lasts more than an hour.

LINK – 91 days of absolutely no fap. Passion, boners, self-acceptance, courage. AMA.

by Yamochao