Age 21 – ED cured in 3 months, had a girlfriend

February 06, 2013 – Hey guys, I am 21 and am on my 3rd month since rebooting, I started 2-3 weeks before dating my current girlfriend but we have not had sex yet, I told her about my reboot about 1.5 months ago and she is very supportive and has been trying to help me. I have not  used porn for the entire reboot but last week, I tried having sex with my girlfriend but it didn’t go so well.

Throughout my reboot I did feel like I hit my flat line already and had 2 wet dreams and almost every day morning wood. When I kiss/cuddle/makeout with my girlfriend, I have no problem with having an erection.

The problem is that when it came down to trying to have sex, I could not maintain an erection, she gave me oral and my erections came and gone 3x, and on the third I O. within couple of minutes. I couldn’t maintain an erection to put on a condom either, as a matter of fact I couldn’t maintain an erection more than 10 seconds.

I was quite relaxed and did not feel any anxiety when we tried, since we talked about it and I felt quite comfortable with my situation with her  I’m not quite sure where I am at on my reboot. Any advice/insight?

LINK – My Success (earlier post)

by midnite8

February 11, 2013,

Hey guys, just wanted to give my story and offer some inspiration, motivation, and even guidance to those that need it.

A little background info:

Started PMO around 14-15 yrs old. Didn’t know I had a problem until I tried to have sex with a girlfriend when I was 17 and noticed porn induced ED. Didn’t really have any success in quitting PMO so I gave up. Tried to have sex with another girl when I was 19, then another when I was 20. Finally realizing I needed to quit PMO.

I started to reboot, around 90ish days ago, not sure exact days, a little before I started dating my current girlfriend.

Didn’t tell her until 1.5 months into rebooting, she was supportive and helped me.

Throughout reboot, I had 2-3 week flatline 1 month in.

During reboot, also had 3 wet dreams.

During first month of reboot, very few morning woods.

After that, more frequent, than almost every day morning wood.

My girlfriend helped me out so much last month, she is the one who has sparked a light in my life, sex life, and libido.

I could always get erections making out/touching but when clothes came off and the real deal began, couldn’t get any erections.

Girlfriend a month ago tried to give me oral, my erections couldn’t stay longer than ~30 seconds. This happened 3x and on the 3rd time I had an erection while still having oral from her I came almost instantly.

2 weeks ago, I started having so much libido and desired to have sex, I felt good. Me and my girlfriend had sex 3x one night, and to this day forward I can tell you my erections have been rock solid when the time came. My libido has been off the roof, wanting sex every day now and with spontaneous erections throughout the day constantly.