Age 21 – ED cured. Need to deal with the addiction head on

My path to recovery from porn induced ED has been a long one. For the longest time I thought something was physically wrong with me –  i.e a venous leak – and never made the connection between porn and my inability to maintain an erection.

I couldn’t maintain an erection standing up. Sitting down, I needed constant stimulation, it was horrible.

My brother was the one who brought up the possibility of porn as he had experienced some similar issues too. It was then I made a commitment to no longer watch porn. I only lasted 2 weeks. I felt horrible and got a prescription for Cialis to use with a girl and failed horribly. It was then I realized I couldn’t half-ass it.

I took the plunge and at the start of the new year went 90 consecutive days without porn. I made and I had some days were I felt so incredibly horny that I didn’t know how I’d make it. But I made it and 5 days later, I relapsed. To porn. And I felt like shit.

I made a realization that I’d been so focused on avoiding porn that I wasn’t really dealing with the addiction. It was almost like the 90 days was a countdown to how long until I could watch porn again. I stopped counting days; there was not going to be a limit for me as I was done with porn forever.

I made some changes to my routine – I started taking Horny Goat Weed every day and doing a daily kegel routine, but more importantly I stopped keeping track of how many days I had abstained. I joined a couple of dating sites, met a girl, had sex in multiple positions (and I recently checked this was 57 days after my relapse).I was considering using Cialis but I forgot and I didn’t even need it.

So safe to say I’m cured, I can have sex in multiple positions and jack off without having to use porn while standing up. The amount of progress I’ve seen is truly amazing. This stuff works. You just have to commit to it. It doesn’t mean you won’t see videos of girls twerking or something that turns you on, that is unavoidable, but avoiding that dopamine blast from porn will do wonders.

So that’s my story so far, if you guys have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer them.

LINK – I’ve recovered. You can too.

by unbeaten04