Age 21 – ED cured – thanks Nofap

I would like to share with you my success of Nofap. Mostly because others success stories were a motivation for me to continue nofap. Before I fapped at least 2 a day. Although my counter says only 5 days, I had many other streaks, from 1/2 weeks, around 30 days, and even 60 days. In total I have been on Nofap for around 9 months. And it was a great experience.

Where in the past I had some cases of ED when trying to get intimate with girls. Right now I have the complete opposite. After giving a house-party, I went to my room with a beautiful girl.

She gave me hand and I came almost immediately. The morning after I came just cuddling/kissing with her. Not something to be very proud of, but way better than worrying whether you are able to get an erection. It made her feel loved! But need to work on endurance now.

It’s kind of cliche but nofap gave me more confidence. Where I always used to back to porn, if i had a bad feeling or just being bored, now i face these moments with finding new hobbies / socializing etc.

Thanks Nofap, for being such a great place of inspiration.

LINK – ED cured, thanks Nofap 

by ovi1340 5 days