Age 21 – ED for 6 years: I feel like I’m cured..I get great erections

I feel like I’m cured.. I get great erections, I am able to maintain erect even without continuous stimulation and yes…I am able to blow my load. <3

I’ve been here since April, which is roughly about 8 to 9 months and in this time. I’ve probably felt ever feeling known to mankind..LOL

Stayed clean (no pmo and mo) for 7 days..relapse..14 days…relapse..18 days..relapse..60 days! relapse… now I’m on 47 days and it seems like my troubles have passed!! I don’t wanna jinx anything. but I’ve been pretty much the king of ED for 6 years now.. and now I managed to have successful sex 3 times in 1 week!

I met the best girl ever and even through all of the failed attempts to have sex she stayed with me. now we have great sex and she completes me as a her to death.

So there you have it.. in ~9 months….from being nothing more then a underweight, pathetic little excuse for a man to a real one..I can please myself, my girl, and my life has been great..improved so much..

God bless this forum, helped me out big time! Get out there guys


BY – King of ED


INITIAL POST & JOURNAL – My story of sadness Q_Q

Hello guys, I’m a 21 year old male and this is my story

Where to start..i don’t know.. So I’ll just start. I was 16 and got my first sort of serious relationship. Being brought up kinda strict i was still a virgin and had never seen a porno my entire life..the girl was different..she wasn’t like, watching it or anything but she had lost her virginity so time ago. So..i did what any man would do, i went deep inside and it felt fantastic..we broke up after 6 months though because she cheated..well yes we were young and stupid it happens..but! I was a little hurt, and i still wanted to like, i experimented and found out how to easily get off solo dolo.. After 2 years i was fed up with it all. I remember masturbation till i bled, i felt so sad that i decided to stop and get a new girlfriend. In the next 2 years i dated 2 girls and slept with them both. Without ANY success tho..

I’d manage to stay hard and pump for hours but i just couldn’t come..after getting dumped twice i was like f this, going back to mastrubation..that actually was the worst mistake i ever made O.o..anyhow, 1 year later i met the girl i still love now (3 years later). She’s now dating a guy i used to call “one of my best friends” lol. After 2 months we got together and i never felt better, i finally found the woman i really loved. When we slept together though i still couldn’t ejaculate.. After 1 year we broke up, also because of te fact i couldn’t come or perform or w/e you wanna call it. Now 2 years later I’ve fapped more and more but lately I’ve reducing the amount of times i do it to like 1 time a week..i wanna completely stop it and just be free of porn and mastrubation..enjoy sex and enjoy life..i’ve been ruining my own life so hard because of porn and masturbation..

Right now i haven’t fapped for 38 hours which is kind of an achievement for me..i’d love to get some support from ya’ll because i really can’t do it on my own, i on my part will help whoever i can from this disease..

Thanks for reading my story and I’d also like to thank the community for a place where we can actually share our story’s.