Age 21 – ED gone, calmer, more confident, enhanced mood, feel more attractive, GIRL FRIEND!

I just reached day 90 on my rebooting process. It wasn’t that hard but it isn’t my first attempt though to be honest. I don’t know why but when i started the reboot my brain switched to it’s mode and there weren’t any PMO urges at all.

The reason for me starting it was because i thought that i had Porn related ED. Between my ages 16-21 i had sex for 3 times and i always failed to get an erection.. Have to say all were one-night stands so the reason of not getting an erection could also be not feeling comfortable at all with these women.. But anyway i diagnosed myself with that i started the reboot.

Benefits of the reboot:

  • calmer
  • more confident
  • enhanced mood (always feel happy)
  • ED gone (seems to me that it is)
  • feel more attractive

…and the best the best one has first to come! I got into a relationship with a girl i met somewhere around day 70 which was my peak when it comes down of feeling good etc. I went out for partying and i felt like a James Dean Rockstar ready to rule the world – seriously. So she approached me during this night out and we were dating for 3 weeks until we made it official yesterday

Just another example rebooting benefits.. I was in a bar yesterday just standing there and ordering a drink and than a woman come up to me and was like.. she wants to meet me again and if i feel to i should leave my number which i did for some ego boosting but things like that never happened to me before. Later this night i got complemented by my looks from 2 milfs at a club and i just couldn’t believe it. Like I said.. these things NEVER happened before. Crazy.

And when it comes down to my ED.. the first time i tried having sex with my GF i failed so hard.. but the times after i just lived in the moment and there were no problems of getting hard.. Today we spent the hole day in bed sobering up and I was like errected all the time because of her so i think i consider this problem as solved too

Thread: Day 90 – Job done

By – CR7