Age 21 – ED gone: rebooted and rewired to recovery, but it took 2 years

Background: Started masturbating to soft core at age 13 (first orgasm ever was to porn on TV…yikes), progressed to hardcore 14, gang bang porn at 18.

Never had any female experiences until age 18. Got gf somehow, issues immediate and very embarrassing, I thought I just had performance anxiety. Girlfriend stayed with me for a few weeks and I abstained from porn since I was spending days with her. Eventually after a few weeks my erection was functional enough for penetrative sex. Lost virginity yay, then I had to go away to school, no sexual contact with gf (back to porn). When I returned to hangout with gf the issues re arose or my dick didn’t rise is more like it. Relationship ends.

For the next year I continued my destructive porn habit unaware of its impact. I continued to pursue women and would bring them to bed since I was attractive. However I could not get it up, ever. I had erectile dysfunction with over 15 women for the next 2 years. Not kidding, this was the most emasculating, depressing, hopeless feeling in the world. I hated knowing that these beautiful women wanted nothing more then me to fuck them, yet I couldn’t.

I did not give up and around age 19-20 I discovered porn was the issue. I immediately stopped watching and abstaining for an entire year from porn (not from masturbating however, only abstained for 90 days) After 90 I started masturbating just to thoughts every couple of days/weeks, this cycle caused my brain to not rewire properly. After a year of no porn, I relapsed to porn again, I never felt so low. Hitting rock bottom, knowing that porn contributed to my misery. I just decided that I no longer gave a fuck. I quit, never wanting to live like that again.


From August to December 20th, I focused on abstaining and only sexual experiences with women. Experiences with 4 different women led my erection to regain its strength. At first I was not able to get hard enough for sex, I would just get HJ and BJS, finishing very quickly I mind you. These were all one night stands, however the kissing, cuddling etc, all helped my brain rewire to real women.

In December I started seeing a new girl and my problem still occurred the first night. The 2nd time however I was able to finish early from a BJ. A few more nights of making out and touching, I could tell my erection was returning. Finally, my erection returned and was able to penetrate.

I had sex with this girl 6 times in 2 days, wonderful. PE was very noticeable the first 4 times, but I did not care at all. I was just happy that I could finally have sex again. Then the last 2 times I was able to maintain an erection for decent sex.


  • DON’T MASTURBATE, even to just thoughts or nothing (especially if young), I thought this was ok and it held me back and led to a porn relapse
  • REWIRE, you need real experiences with women in order for your mojo to come back. It can be embarrassing and difficult to make these opportunities happen. But you need to, or you will continue to suffer erectile dysfunction.


I probably had one of the worst cases of porn induced erectile dysfunction. I grew up with the internet and masturbating to porn. If I can rewire my brain after years of the abuse, you can to. Stop feeling bad about yourself, use the anger as a tool to better yourself. I straight up just didn’t give a fuck, this attitude led me to pursue women fearlessly and I am now free. I wish my fellow men all the best and do not take porn addiction and ED lightly. I have enlightened some friends, however some laugh and are in disbelief. Ignorance is bliss.

LINK – 21, rebooted and rewired to recovery. I beat the demon, took 2 years, ED gone.

BY – anon221