Age 21 – ED healed, I continue to improve

Started trying nofap/pornfree in mid august. I had some occasional PIED with my girlfriend so I did some research and found YBOP and decided to go for a reboot. In my first month or so at trying, i relapsed a few times (no porn though). I was not on hardmode because of my girlfriend, but I was sensing a flatline and I, like many, felt like i would never be ok again and blah blah blah.

After about a month of occasional relapse, I pretty much got the hang of nofap and have been ok since (again, no hard mode). I don’t ever even consider fapping as an option anymore. Just doesn’t come in my head. I feel like I have mastered that part of this battle.

After 2 and a half months of pornfree, i began to get urges to look at porn. Since I started this endeavor, the thought of looking at porn never even came into my head. But one day, I was surfing the web and there was some add on the side of the screen that was advertising some NSFW content. Since that moment I have struggled with pornfree. It totally triggered something in my brain. I have relapsed with porn a few times since then and it is what I am currently grappling with. Still have the fapping under control, but something inside me just wants to watch. I look forward to the day that I can make a 90 day pornfree post.

I learned a ton from this 90 day experience. Fapping is not the problem for me, it’s definitely the porn. For anyone who is going for a reboot for PIED, NOFAP IS NOT ENOUGH. It’s gotta be pornfree. No question.

Secondly, I got a lot of confidence from being able to abstain from fapping. The time saved, the good feelings, and the MUCH better sex are all worth it. Thirdly, pornfree and nofap is all a battle of instant vs delayed gratification. It temporarily feels ok to view porn or fap, but it feels fucking AWESOME after defeating an urge and getting a solid streak goin.

All of my PIED is pretty much gone. I would say that I still have a little tiny worrying voice in the back of my head that is concerned about ED, but I haven’t had an actual ED incident for maybe 2 months. My reboot was a success. And everything continues to get better. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be in three more months, or 6, or a year.

Keep it up gents! You can make it! The benefits are worth missing out on a 15 minute wank sesh every day! Lets defeat this porn/fap monster!

I would be super happy to answer any questions anyone has about my experience, or about rebooting with a partner. This community helped me out a bunch in making this goal, and I’d like to give back. Ask away!

LINK – Well gents, I made it. 90 Day report!!

 by Brophylactic37