Age 21 – (ED), increased mental abilities, hugely improved social life, relationships are healthier

Can’t believe how fast time has gone since I gave my 90 day report. So much additional development and maturation even since then.

The growth is exponential my brothers.

Warren Buffet said that compounding interest is the most powerful force in the universe. When applied to NoFap there is not a truer statement. The longer you go, the better off you are. I promise you guys that. This is not my first go at this. I’ve been dabbling in this since January 2011 when I experienced PIED as a freshman in college.

This is obviously my longest streak to date, and I can confirm the following general benefits – all of which are magnified now that I am this far along:

  • Mental sharpness,
  • ability to retain and recall information faster,
  • feeling much closer to God (I’m Christian) and much stronger desire to pursue a relationship with God,
  • cleansing myself of all addictive behavior (completely cut out alcohol, pot, tobacco, compulsive eating),
  • craving the company of others,
  • hugely improved social life,
  • empathy and love for other people drastically improving,
  • self-confidence/self image/identity way healthier,
  • relationships with women and people in general are healthier and more fulfilling,
  • I have improved my appearance and grooming drastically and now have a defined sense of style,
  • I feel way less shame and doubt,
  • and am just overall a healthier person in every way!

Men, this burning desire to improve yourself doesn’t get into motion until you make the fundamental change of quitting the vicious cycle of watching porn and jerking yourself off! Society may tell you it’s a healthy habit, but that is a lie.

I love you all, and absolutely would still be confined to the shackles of PMO addiction if not for the support of this forum, all the encouragement and wisdom on here, and the accountability of the day counter.

I pray for every single one of you and genuinely care about all of our 98,000+ members. I still log in every single day and I’m seeing 90 day reports on a daily basis. How encouraging! Please feel free to reach out for questions or encouragement!

LINK – 90(x2) Day Challenge. Would be honored to answer any questions.

by stallworth19