Age 21 – ED, It took 8 months no PMO

OK… so I’ve been probably about 8 months without pmo and I have to say its been tough…I’ve had chances to be with females but I rejected them because i was scared for my willy to be dead. Finally today I decided to have a girl over…she came over we chilled drank a little bit watched a movie. I was nervous to engage at first but i eventually grew the balls.

I started kissing on her neck and started to lick some boobage. I GOT HARD AS FUCKK! she didn’t want to have sex because this was the first time we chilled but boy was I ready. All I have to say is that pied is a real thing, you MUST abstain from porn to get better. Every time you want to type your favorite porn site into that browser think about how shitty you felt that night when you tried to fuck and your dick was dead, think about how embarrassing that was and how you never want it to happen again.

I promise you guys if you hold out you will get better. I cant say it was an easy road. what I realized is when you start to get better after that flatline you tend to relapse and set yourself back. trust me…there were so many times that I wanted to sit down whip out my cock and start wackin it…ITS NOT WORTH IT.

I almost didn’t have this girl come over because I was scared to fail. I almost called it off, but just thinking about the things I wanted to do was getting me hard and i almost relapsed after such a long time without pmo. I figured fuck it! why beat of too a t.v screen when I have a sho of getting my member wet in some real juice. I called, she came over and the above happened.

STAY STRONG…the satisfaction you get after busting that nut to the computer screen is nothing compared to the real thing. I didn’t even get to fuck but I feel so much better than if I were to have pmo’d.



And i forgot to add. I’m now 21 years old and Ive been pmo’ing since I was in 5th grade. I consider myself to have had severe pied at the time and if i could get better than any of you can, stop with the depression, go about your day without porn and you will become a normal working man again

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by rebalancing