Age 21 – End of addiction, Beginning of romance

December 26, 2012 I’ve been looking at porn as long as I can remember. I’ve been feeling guilty about it just as long. I felt shitty about it at first because of religious reasons, but as porn started to affect other parts of my life, I started to feel shitty about it all-around.

I can honestly say porn is ruining my life. I don’t think I have a shitty life, it’s just porn is sucking so much potential out of me. I’ll pass up opportunities to do work, hang out with friend/family, or go workout just to look at porn. It goes through phases, but I’m sure I’ve wasted countless hours looking at porn, hours that could have better been spent doing almost anything. More so, it makes me feel depressed, tired, hopeless and shameful. There is no good to be gotten from it.

So this year, for my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to completely give up PMO, for 100 days, ideally longer (I’m getting a little head start on it, better to kick this addiction as soon as I can).

I’ve tried to kick this habit before, only to fall back to temptation, which time and time again leaves me feeling absolutely miserable and depressed (I’ve gotten to the two week point twice). I’m going to use this forum to help hold myself accountable, and hopefully draw a little support. This time I’m done with PMO!

Turning a New Page- 21 years old

Day 16

Day 16! I’ve never made it this far before and I truly feel like I have a lot of momentum going behind me now. I’m unstoppable!

That being said, I’m going to take an indefinite break from this site. I like reading the stuff on here, but really, it gets the subject of porn on my mind, even if when it comes into my mind I know I am resolved not to look at it. If I find myself seriously tempted, I’ll get back on to draw some extra motivation.

Good luck in fighting the fight! I know I’ll succeed this time. I might get on periodically to post again, but at very least I’ll make a post with my experience and any benefits I think accompanied this life transformation when I reach the 100 day mark.

Until next time!

April 22, 2013

Another Winner!

I started my PMO journey more than 100 days ago. And I am happy to say I am now where I never could have imagined!

The journal, which I stopped writing in after Day 16, is here:

Those first two weeks of my no PMO journey were by far the hardest for me, and this site help give me immense strength and hope that I never had before. After about week three or so I found that I didn’t need the site anymore, and actually that the site made me think about porn more than necessary. So this is the first time I’ve been on it for a while (and will most likely be my last time).

Around Day 100 I asked out a girl on a date. She became my first girlfriend in about three years. The two of us have become physically intimate, and I had sex for the first time in my life on about Day 115. I have no problem with expressing myself physically with her, and I am more confident and happy than I have been in my entire life. She is absolutely wonderful, and I hope the future works out for the two of us.

Porn and masturbation were always things that I wanted to give up, but couldn’t seem to. Things that always were a little smudge on my conscience and confidence. Now they’re gone and I’m free!

I will never look at porn or masturbate again. This site changed my life. However, I am leaving it now, and will not be answering any responses to this post. I just wanted to let anyone looking for hope that this works! And it’s truly life changing!

LINK – Intrepid‘s journal