Age 21 – From suicidal to solid happiness


My NoFap journey [began] right after I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago. It felt like I was unhappiest person in the whole world. I was in constant depression, wanted to kill myself and had no idea how to get out of this state of mind. There was nothing that could make me feel happy, without immediately having negative thoughts that would ruin my mood.

I can truly say, that after all the things i’ve tried to get happy, this is BY FAR the best thing that could happen and I’m gonna give you my theory on how it worked for me:

The most important thing is that you LEARN the ability to control your thoughts and find the things that work for you and only for you. If you just stare at your Badge all day and wait for your superpowers to appear, nothing is going to change.

On my first 2 months on NoFap there were so many negative thoughts that were pushing me down but I never tried to give in to them. Last week while I was on vatation something happened to me.

After all the constant fighting against my own thoughts my mind learned how to simply let go of all the bullshit and negative thoughts and simply replace them with positive and most importantly realistic and healthy thougts.

That must have been what did the trick for me. I simply let the negative thoughts be there for some time (10 minutes or so), not giving them to much power over me and then just letting them go.

Right now I’m sitting at home alone, just sorting out some old tech stuff from my room + listening to music and on a scale from 1 to 10 it feels like a solid 8 and it felt like a 7 the whole week.

After such a long time of depression, this feels like a drug. btw I had wet dreams every 20 days, wich seemed like a natural release my body initiated.

Im 21 and yes I experienced a lot of benefits and superpowers after I changed my habits and resisted the urges. Everything is just better now 🙂

Hopefully this gives some people the will power and motivation to keep going 😉 See ya

LINK – Feeling fucking happy, finally!

By Freduard_96