Age 21 – Greater passion for life, more confidence & energy, no more social anxiety

I thought it could be beneficial to share my thoughts.

I can 100% promise, that all of this is either directly or non-directly because of NoFap. So save those “dude, that’s just placebo/broscience” comments to yourself. I don’t give a damn.

Feeling alpha

I feel a hundred times more alpha than I did when I regularly failed. I actually confronted this creepy stalker at our church. I won’t go into the details too much, but he’s been a problem for a while for this one girl, so I decided to make an end to it.

He’s over 40 years old and I’m just 21. Felt like a freaking man because of that. I even handled it with respect and didn’t lose my temper (which could have happened in a case like this). I felt like beating the crap out of him, but gladly I didn’t do that. LOL!

There are other people who I confronted during my last streak. Hadn’t it been for NoFap, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage needed.

Even after relapse, the alpha-ness has stayed. However, don’t think it’s okay to relapse because of this. It’s not. Relapse leads to another.

Also, I can approach and talk to girls way easier than before. And I love it.

Feeling confident:

This I discovered over a year ago, but my last streak really made it stronger. I can confidently look people in the eye and talk basically to anyone.

No social anxiety

This one is a huge for me. I’ve had this also for over a year, but each time I relapse, little bit of anxiety comes back. At least for a while. So fapping does no good, especially for those who have had social anxiety.


I feel more like a normal human being. Watching porn and fapping gradually changes you to a creepster. You’ll be more awkward other people, especially girls.

From what I’ve seen, sometimes it’s like other people (girls especially) can sense what you’ve been up to.

So much more energy

This one is a huge one. I feel I’m tons more active and productive when I don’t fap and watch porn.

Sure, it doesn’t magically make you wake up every day 100% refreshed if you don’t sleep, but when you combine this with healthy eating, sleeping and working out, you’re entirely different person.

Passion for life

This is related to the benefit above, but anyways. It’s like I enjoy the little things and my whole life in general much more when I’m on NoFap.


NoFap has given me tremendous discipline for working out, eating properly, doing household chores, working etc.

By NoFap I have gradually learned that delayed gratification is far better than instant pleasure.


My creativity increased really when I started having victories against my addiction. Last streak once again convinced me that it’s true. As a drummer this has been amazing.

Last, but not the least

Each of these benefits apply of course only, if you lack them. If you’re not addicted to porn, you won’t probably notice the benefits as easily.

However, if you think you can moderately consume porn and masturbate, you may be right, but remember that it may lead to an addiction over time.

And even if you manage to stay in moderation, it has this little effect on you you won’t notice until you try NoFap.

My conclusion: Giving up porn & masturbation isn’t that big of a sacrifice after all. I hope to see this as clearly as at now every day of my life. Same thing I hope for you.

Stay strong! Destroy your addiction. Leave no stone unturned, fellow champions!

LINK – Thoughts on benefits, for your motivation!

by X4rd45-