Age 21 – I feel I’ve experienced benefits in every area of my life

Finally made it 90 days on hardmode! I’ve had my ups and downs but have finally reached the greatly desired 90 day star, and it feels good 🙂

It didn’t come easy. There were, and still are, days that are very difficult. That quiet, deceitful voice still whispers “Why not, just once won’t hurt.” Resisting temptation is difficult. Immediate gratification is so much more appealing. But if you remind yourself of where you use to be, how far you’ve come, and where you will continue to go, it can become much easier to win the battles.

Becoming a Fapstronaut doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted, but rather you will learn how to deal with temptation, learn responsibility, and how to take control of your life. We often have to do things we don’t want to and so participating in something such as NoFap and learning how to be disciplined is huge.

I feel I’ve experienced benefits in every area of my life since joining NoFap. While I have always been a good student, I’ve had greater motivation to study and perform well in classes.

Two weeks after starting NoFap, I also began an exercise routine. Since then, I’ve lost over 20lbs! I definitely feel happier, more social (in spite of being an introvert), and more motivated. I haven’t perfected any of these areas.

I still don’t have a girlfriend. I still struggle with confidence issues and feeling the need to be liked by others. I still have days where I feel sad, depressed, worthless, but I’m improving, and that’s all that matters. In analyzing how I was before and where I am now, I’ve definitely made steps in the right direction and am excited to continue improving.

I want to send out a quick thank you to all my fellow Fapstronauts who have helped motivate me to participate in this self-improvement journey. The first few weeks after I began NoFap I was visiting this site several times a day. I truly believe it was the encouraging posts from all of you that helped me to make it to where I am right now. You guys and gals are the best! Keep up the awesome work!

LINK – 90 Days, Feels Good (But it isn’t a bed of roses)

by FilmsByDan