Age 21 – I feel positive and grounded and clean, relaxed, confident, creative, motivated and powerful

I am almost 22 years old now. From 18 until well into my 20th year I was very depressed, had very little energy, awful social anxiety, asked zero girls out and had zero motivation; I was lost.

This was the same time that I was into hardcore pornography and fapped 2-5 times a day. On some occasions I even had a girl almost begging me to have sex with her, but I didn’t respond and fapped to her instead later. I read a lot of self-improvement and spiritual stuff around that time, but it didn’t seem to help much when it came to implementing it into daily life.

I came across NoFap about a year and a half ago. I just couldn’t last more than a few days for the first few months, but this last summer I had a 90 day streak, although I really fought for it. Here is my previous 90-day report (some useful links to self-improvement stuff in it):

I had a small fallback after that, but now I am 100% in control, after I realised that I can decide for myself if I react to my urges or not. (check out Steven Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, about this and some other awesome stuff).

Nowadays I feel the opposite of how I felt back then:

  • I constantly seek to improve myself in every aspect: clothing, health, working towards my life goals, etc.
  • Energy is 400% increased,
  • social anxiety is zero,
  • I feel positive and grounded and clean, relaxed, confident, creative, motivated and powerful.
  • In the past six months I asked out five girls, who all turned me down, but that was just bad luck, and now I’m kinda flirting with a new girl who is wonderful to my new eyes.

It’s all up to you, but to me this was the most empowering and life-changing decision of my life up to now, and I am very grateful that I found out about this. For now it’s goodbye, I’m going to live my life and make the best out of this helluffanadventure that I just got for free.

Ask me anything you want to know; this community has given me my life back and I hope I can do something back. All the best fellow fapstronauts; to the stars and beyond!

LINK – 90 Day Report – Adulthood (After 1.5 years of NoFap)

by Iwilldiesomeday