Age 21 – I needed years to quit. Now reaching my goals

I’m a student, 21 years old. First time I saw porn when I was 11 I think. I was in primary school and I had to share computer with my older brother. He had lots of this bullshit on computer and always when I wanted to use computer I had to close all porn he opened.

After some time, I started watching it too. So I have been addicted since 13, I think. I needed 8 years for fight with this bullshit, to reached 100 days. So, never give up. Ok, this is end of the beginning. I’m not going to describe all my life, because it’s useless.

How I did it? It’s also long story.

I didn’t want to do it since I was 14. When I realized that I’m addicted. Since that time I was trying to give it up, I had one week break, sometimes two. My record was 30 days before university. That time I had small success, because I didn’t do it everyday. At university I found NoFap and I started to fight with it more seriously. Of course, I lost very times, but I didn’t do it so often, someday I even reached 7x days. Now, how I reached that 100 days?

  • I changed environment. I went abroad for 70 days to other country for an internship. That time I will remember to the end of my life. I met so many people, I have learned so many things and I had party hard 😀 Now I have lot’s of friends, I hope I will meet them again in future. That’s how I reached first 70 days. I just didn’t have time to think about fapping or porn.
  • I’m member of organisation, we have lot’s of things to do. I get experience. Sometime I have to talk with bosses of companies. It’s a cool thing. And I have also lot’s of friends from this organisation.
  • I met lot’s of girls and I had few dates. My best friend is a girl, sometimes we talk about all girls and boys with who we had dates (But she is just a friend, don’t write any stupid things in comments :d). Try to go out, to meet lot’s of people 🙂
  • Work hard. In May, I could do 100 push-ups.
  • Have goals. This academic year I have 36 goals to realise. Today I realised 4th.
  • Party hard. I love dancing. Almost every saturday I go for a salsa disco to dance salsa and other latin styles.
  • Don’t think about past. In past I looked for FB profile of one girl too many times. I fucked her in my mind everywhere and in every way. In these 100 days I propably looked for her FB about 2 times. Remember just important things, good memories, successes, failures (to know how to get success next time).
  • Don’t spend too much time on FB and other websites. Specially on websites with memes.
  • Read a lot. Eat knowledge. For first book I recommend you a book about life. Lot’s of coaches writes that kind of books, so it’s easy to find.
  • Get up early. If I spend too much time in bed in the morning, I fuck one girl in my mind.
  • Help. I think I helped a lot during these days.. And I also donate blood.

That’s few advices. I think it my last day on NoFap. I was here because I wanted to reach one goal of my life. Now I have other things with I want to do, so I will not spend time here. Thanks nofap for everything, without you, I probably would lost. And for all you, who are fighting – never give up. Maybe you will not reach it in next 100 days. I needed 8 years, You will need less, maybe more. And remember – it will not finish when you reach 90 or 100 days. It will never finish, so we have to fight to the end of our life. I hope someday I will get up and say to myself “oh, so today it’s 1000th day”. Time to say bye, so good luck and …

Today I think it’s my last day on nofap. I didn’t write to many posts on this forum, just a few, so propably no one will know me. But I think I have to write this message, just to show you how I realized one of my goals.


LINK – So, next goal reached – 100 days … time to say bye NoFap

by Aidian_