Age 21 – I tried NoFap for the first time in 2014, my streak was 55 days. This was 3 years ago.

Who am I ?
I’ve been struggling with a porn addiction since I was 14. I’m currently 21 and I’m a student. I tried NoFap for the first time in 2014, and my streak was on 55 days. This is 3 years ago.

My journey to reaching 90 days
I started NoFap again in January, and the only difference now compared to 2014 is my experience. I’ve been trying it on and off since 2014. In other words, I knew what would make me relapse.

Day 0-30
After 30 days, everything was going great. My confidence was slowly building up and my anxiety was going away. This was a day by day thing, so I really didn’t notice it, until now. But in retrospect, the first 30 days was hard, however I felt really good towards day 30.

Day 30 – 70
Between day 30-70 I got sick and injured. I got a cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and hurt my knee really bad after working out. I’m used to dealing with set backs, but this was something totally new. Facing one problem after the other really challenged my mindset. I had a lot of spare time on my hands, which made this period very challenging. It’s really important in situations like these to not fall for the tricks your mind is playing.
-“Just one time”
-“It’s not gonna hurt you”
-“Is really masturbation bad for you?”
Questions you already know the answer to. Be strong, the battle is going on in your mind. Reading books and setting daily goals really helped me. Small things like :
– taking a shower,
– getting out of bed
– taking a walk
– reading 10 pages of a book.
– Meditate for 20 minutes
It made me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something, instead of being sick and in bed. Between day 40-45 I started to have a bunch of wet dreams, which made me feel pretty shit about myself. Even though it’s a natural way and totally normal. The key to solving this is MEDITATION, it helped me a lot, and not only in that aspect of life, but in feeling more aware about my existence.

Day 70-90
All the way up to day 70-75, I really felt like shit. I was so drained from Pnemonia and being sick for a longer period of time. But it’s in the darkest times you learn the most about yourself. I remember especially thinking so many guys that achieved superpowers, and I didn’t feel shit. I was at day 70, however around day 80 things started to turn. I felt this sudden urge to excel in life. I wrote down things I want to improve in, and started investing a lot of time in how to get better. The grind and the motivation just bounced back, “after all these years”. And if you don’t feel any superpowers or fancy shit like that, even at day 90, don’t worry. Just work on yourself, set goals, small or big, depending on your situation and move forward. That’s what’s important; just try and move forward, this is your race and your life.

What now?
Now that’ve reached day 90, I can take a break right? like a little vacation? Little fap maybe? Fuck no. I’ve only started. This is the start of my journey and I know I’m going achieve great things. I need to work hard and be patient.

Dealing with setbacks
This might be your first try, or your 100th. Most of the guys here have relapsed a couple of times, so there is no shame in that. Just try again and learn from your mistakes. This is not easy, but it’s worth it. It’s an investment you make in yourself. I used to look at a bunch of reddit posts and be so jealous of these guys that’ve been doing this for years and had insane stories. And I used to compare myself to their stories. “At day 56, this guy had a really big confidence boost, and I feel nothing” and that is okay. Use their stories as inspiration, not to beat yourself up. Relapses are so hard to deal with, I know, but from every relapse you will come back stronger, no matter what.

Message to the fighters out there!
I believe in you. We all have a lot of potential, we can become anything we want as long as we set our minds to it. Doing NoFap will make you have a lot of spare time, so use it well. Fulfill your potential. Don’t just sit around, set goals and crush them! Again I believe in you and if I made it, then so can you. You might make it on your first try , after 3 years, or even after 10 years, but that really doesn’t matter. As long as you’re trying, you’re doing it right.

LINK – After 90 days of Hard mode – Sickness and setbacks

by xxpjse


UPDATE – 6 months of hard mode – The road ahead

I wrote a post about my first 90 days (Link below).

I hope all of you use this as an inspiration instead of beating yourself down. I used to do this and it only lead me to failure and misery.

After 6 months I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body. I’ve recently started experiencing headaches and theres been some really close experiences. On the good side, I’ve had a tremendous boost in self esteem and humbleness, in addition to feeling more grounded. I used to question my sexuality all the time and I felt weak. Now my mind and body is much stronger. My social anxiety is gone and so is my depression. I can approach girls and I no longer fear rejection (I get nervous sometimes too, but that’s just fun).

I used to believe that NoFap was about the first 90 days, but I was wrong. It’s about the journey. Every step you take and action you make, eventually makes you stronger. So don’t give up.

A year ago I was depressed, fapping around and felt sorry for myself. It’s very easy to just give in and throw in the towel. “just one time”, right? We’ve all been there and done that. Fighting every single day and battling your addiction, that’s greatness. It becomes easier with experience, but NEVER think you’re in the clear. It’s very easy to believe that after 90 days you’re fine, right? No more fight and you can start watching porn again, because you feel like you have control. That’s the biggest lie you can tell yourself and don’t believe it for a second.

There is a lot of benefits to doing this, but the challenges comes along. Every obstacle makes you stronger and eventually you’ll have the upper hand, with a sharp mind.

I belive in you. Best of luck fighters !…ays-of-hard-mode-sickness-and-setbacks.98847/