Age 21 – I wrote a 180,000 words novel in three months!

Wow. I can’t believe I did this. 180k is a lot. That’s just a bit less than Harry Potter 4, just to give you an idea. Sure, I got a big correction to do now, but I’ve created something out of simple words.

I think it’s mainly thanks to NoFap. Sure, i used to write short stories too before I started this in Nov 2013, and I have a very ambitious novel project which I plan to work on in a few years when I’ll be better at it. But with NoFap, I made writing more than a hobby. Studying throughout the year for the entry exam of the best journalism school of my country, writing was a ray of light, my breeze, sitting in a café with a cup of coffee and pastry. It was bliss. I wrote more and more short stories, until I had THE idea that inspired me this novel.

Sure, it wasn’t a remedy against porn addiction, and I relapsed quite a lot of time since half-June, but it made me back on my foot pretty quickly. I cried while killing characters, laughed at the jokes I put in there, shivered during epic scenes, always listening to the video games OST that perfectly fitted my scenes. It made me feel alive. Roughly 2 to 4 hours a day. Precious time that I could have used for naked pixels, in a previous life.

I don’t know if it will be translated in English or other languages, if it will sell good, or even if it will accepted by a publisher. I didn’t write this to be rich, famous, or to brag about it. I wrote this because I fucking love to write. No amount of porn could get me as much dopamine as this. Life is too great to be spent in front of a screen with your trousers down. All of you have so much potential you can use on things you love.

Oh, and to add to the success story: I’m starting school in a few days. Yeah, with a lot of work but most of all a shitload of luck, I’ve been accepted among +600 people. Then again, NoFap is not stranger to my dedication.

LINK – I wrote a 180 000 words novel in three months!

by Sairanox


UPDATE – Got my first star in 19 months ! Don’t give up, here’s my success story

Wow, I finally got there and it feels amazing ! For one year and a half, I could go to 20 days max, then 25 days, and a few months ago I relapsed at day 28. That fourth week got me everytime… except here! The key to achieving your goals is to never, ever, ever, stop trying, because one “failure” at a time, I learnt how that works, I learnt how my brain worked.

Also, let me tell you something : you don’t need to have a 50+ days streak to achieve things. NoFap is a state of mind, which succeeds better if you change your habbits. But when you relapse, you don’t lose those habbits, they become part of you. I used to write short stories before NoFap, but that was kinda casual. Now I took the habbit to write a lot more, and not only did I improve, but I also realize writing was the passion I prized the most, and I’d choose writing over video games or porn anytime. Last summer I even wrote a 200 000 words novel which I soon plan on sending to an editor ! Before NoFap, I used to think “Novels are too long, let’s stick to short stories”. My whole way of thinking changed.

This brings me to the second part of my success story. Last year, I worked hard for the entry exam to the best journalism school of my country. For 6 months, I worked 4 hours a day, then 5, then 6, then 7… I used to be super lazy, just doing the minimum to get a good grade and spending the rest of my time on video games, and here I was, working 12 hours on a single day and going to sleep with a smile on my face. I nailed the written exam and did pretty well on the oral one, but not enough. Finally, I was saved by sheer luck. Someone withdrew and I was next in line. Maybe I earned this luck, but anyway, without NoFap, I would have never worked enough to get that high. Now the first year of that school is ending and although I’m one of the younguest here, I realize I did as good as the others.

Are superpowers real ? I don’t know. I’ma 22 years old virgin, never had a girlfriend, and until I tried NoFap this whole thing was a burden to me. Now I just don’t care, I don’t feel obligated to get a girl as soon as I can. But I definitely sensed a difference with NoFap : I know for sure an asian girl of my class is into me, and although she’s cute, I’m not considering flirt as I don’t feel in love with her and don’t want to toy with her feelings just for sex… and that’s a huge difference with what I would have done before. Also, I feel people watching me more often. Yesterday I was having a coffee with a bro and he caught several girls checking on us. Hell, on my way back home, walking past a pub, I kept eye contact with a sitting lady for a few seconds until she turned away. It felt amazing and then again, it never happened to me before.

How are you feeling when you think of your life before NoFap ? Personnally, I feel regret. I could have done so much things when I was in college, I could have achieved faster some personnal projects I had at that time, but I didn’t, and you all know why. Now I feel changed. I’m doing sports again (well, running twice a week, at least), I’m reading books again, I’m writing, I’m taking cold showers, I’m learning to cook, I’m smiling much of the time, and I’m often out of my comfort zone (doing TV or radio reports for my school are great to overcome fear of strangers). And speaking of comfort zone, I applied for a 4 months student exchange in Canada. Me, a guy who never settled more than 100 km from his parents’ home and always sees his family every 1 or 2 weeks, living 5 000 km from home ? Then again, without NoFap it wouldn’t have been possible.

TLDR: Thanks to NoFap, I wrote a 200 000 words long novel, entered the best journalism school of my country and generally feel a lot happier, and people notice that. I learnt a lot about myself and I’m optimistic about my future. NoFap changed my life before I could even get to a month. Even when I had 1-2 weeks streaks or less, it was already changing my life. So don’t give up : even if your streaks are short, as long as you take good habbits and get back on your feet if you relapse, you’ll feel the difference. And you’ll also wish you found out about NoFap earlier.