Age 21 – Improved confidence, social anxiety, work & school performance. Improved perception of women

Thanks NoFap, i came here often, when i was about to give in but you always motivated me to go for one more day. Today is the day that i achieved my goal!

I am a nofapper since December 2013 after i saw “the great porn experiment” by Gary Wilson.

NoFap for me: It didnt solve all my problems, but it made them visible. I changed my diet to healthy, did a lot of sports, started reading books, started to see the beauty in myself.

Some benefits:

  • Confidence – definitely higher. I am less self aware and can enjoy time with my friends much, much more!
  • Improved work and school performance.
  • Improved perception of women – This has been a subtle, but noticeable shift. I notice women a lot more now, and they all look much more desirable. I think this is a direct result of less porn. I still can enjoy true beauty in women when i walk on the street. You are on nofap, but you don’t have to be a-sexual. You can look and enjoy, but don’t make it a trigger.

Maybe that is one of the most important lessons that i have learned: Triggers become triggers if you let them become triggers. As i said earlier, you can still enjoy a good looking man/woman, but not in a perverted way. Just enjoy what you see and go on with your life.

  • Less social anxiety around men/women – I mentioned earlier that I’ve always been a social person, but for some reason I’ve always felt slightly uncomfortable around new people. I’m not sure this was due to fapping or just lack of self-esteem, but it’s way better now! I specifically want to mention that I’m much more comfortable around other MEN, which is awesome! I don’t feel ‘beta’ anymore – I feel like I should also have a ‘seat at the table’.

I know that the struggle with my addiction is not over yet. But with these 90 days behind me i know that in the end i can win this.

I just want to thank you again fellow nofappers. You all have given me the strength to reach this milestone. Stay strong you all!

LINK – I made it to 90 days! I can not believe it!

by slysenl