Age 21 – Less self-centered, more confident, no longer nervous while performing

I am feeling very good after achieving 90 days. I would like to share my routine with you guys may be it will be helpful for you:- My morning routine which I was following from last 30 days (approx)

1. Wake up at 5:30 am

  1. Go for running at 6:00 am. Complete 4x400m=1600m by jogging and then 400m running as fast as I can. Feels very good after doing it. I make me feel alive and give me motivation of keep going and also relieve stress. You people should also try it.
  2. Do yoga in which I do 4 ASANA .
  3. Just after yoga I do meditation which I hold my breath in and out quite a few time closing my eyes sitting cross leg pose(like breath in hold as much as I can the breath normally then hold outside again breath normally cycle continues). I can currently hold my breath up to 2min 46 sec inside and 1min 25 sec. Then doing it I chant the “Om” word stretching it long few time, it will give deep relaxing sense.

I belong to the HINDU family in INDIA so I am familiar with the mediation and Yoga also there is a lot on the importance on conservation of semen in the HINDU script “AURVEDA”.

There are lot of subtle changes that I observed in me. Few are:-

  1. My voice deeps there is a sense of confidence in my voice.
  2. I notice I not longer get nervous while performing something I front of people or speaking in front of many.
  3. Also I becoming more confident in talking to girls earlier I used to get nervous and not able to talk but now I talk to them with ease and they also enjoy my company.
  4. I started giving more thoughts to my activities and about myself, wondering what I have to do in live , how I gonna do it. What’s is right and what is wrong. Before life was just going on directionless.
  5. I become less self centered. Porn make you self centered. See sex is a very intimate thing. It is about mutual love not about one person getting pleasure and other is feeling bad in it NO. Sex is about love not pleasure- opposite to what porn fill in our mind. I hope you all continues you NOfap journey despite of the difficulties ( the world where porn is just 2 clicks away or less than 10 sec away) to make yourself strong and rule the world..


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by dexter_s