Age 21 – Magnetism and desire to expand my horizons rising


Im 21, NoFap’s benefits include feeling healthier, more confidence, less shame, more time+motivation, this sounds crazy but a certain magnetism that people can detect maybe through micro-expressions or just placebo but it is amazing.

There are a lot of external benefits but my favourite are the underlying ones like even in utter laziness I will find myself expanding horizons sort of unconsciously like last week I learned the rubicks cube, I have been talking to more people and trying specifically to talk to more girls my age, I learned to juggle and parkour, amatuer fire breathing, took an improv class, etc…

This semester I signed myself for an extra communications class for the heck of it even though I was already taking 18 units(21 with this class) it is this need to grow that comes out of you even though you may not be consciously pursuing it.

It has been a hell of a year of ups and downs and I am so grateful, for this thread. Somethings I have learned are first, NoFap doesn’t solve everything, Second, it is best to walk into conversations with nothing to prove with the sole mindset of “what value can I give here.” Third and the main takeaway of this is that when talking to people be relaxed and present, (that means don’t imagine yourself doing something from the 3rd person, be fully immersed in it unaware of anything else, this will happen naturally over time).

For example, listening to others, put everything you want to say in a mental cache and just listen. What you say often doesn’t matter as much as just being with them because all everybody wants, all every human wants from you is to be understood, they want to be heard, understood, and accepted and that is worth more than anything.

Lastly, the world is crazy, people do insane things but there is just one thing to remember, something may seem crazy to you but to them it makes sense. Maybe eating bugs or not accepting medical care when they are injured seems absolutely crazy but to them, to this person it is normal, it makes sense. With that mindset it is impossible to hate anyone or see them in a degrading way because they aren’t less, just different.

Also things I would have done differently/ Learned

  • Sex turns off the part of your brain that feels disgust that’s part of why you feel bad afterwards
  • A trick I learned from “Sacred Sexuality Project” is to turn off the need to fap without actually fapping is to vividly imagine yourself having that release, don’t think of the girl, don’t imagine anything but the feeling of ejac and it will turn off your need to do it. Most of these urges are more mental than physiological. This also works when you are tired or hungry, vividly imagine a time when you were satiated or well rested and more times than not, it will work.
  • It is completely possible to fall back into the same old cycles of watching TV all day or procrastinating endlessly even on nofap so actively try to keep the momentum meaning no staying at home doing nothing from now on, take on a hobby. -Wet dreams are okay and will stop eventually if you are on hard mode, what worked for me is not drinking any fluids 3-4 hours before bed. Also if possible and this is your goal, don’t wear tight clothes during sleep and don’t eat/drink stimulants before bed such as coffee or spicy food.
  • A lot of people here are on (Propecia)/Finasteride which seems like a good idea now but trust me there are horrible side effects, You all know about the sexual side effects, I was fortunate enough not to experience those but there are immune problems that arise incognito, I thought I had hairloss and I did but after nofap my hair started to grow back. When it started falling again along with my eyebrows I found out that it is linked with seb derm/eczema which is an uncited condition that happens to arise with the intake of fin/propecia so I quit luckily I did not get “Post Finasteride Syndrome” thank God, but the eczema wont go away, this messes with your hormones and it doesn’t fix itself after quitting. I believe my eczema stemmed from the hormonal imbalance of taking propecia/finasteride. At first I thought it was candida or something similar but after months of doctor visits, dietary changes, and taking probiotics. the fungal culture proved there was nothing of the sort. The only other explanation is a change in hormonal homoeostasis meaning possibly the testosterone to estrogen ratio is offset. Im going in for an appointment on Monday but I still cont figure out what is wrong. Anyways Thanks.
  • This is the site, I was on it for 3 years but keep in mind I started at 18 and most guys start in their late 20s early 30s

Ps. if there is a solution for this please post

I hope there was something helpful/useful for everyone, thank you for reading and God help you all on your mission to become the best version of yourselves. I have total faith that you will succeed!! Have a great day 😀

LINK – 5 days ago I hit 300 days. 5 days ago was my 18th birthday.

By legend4rydom


UPDATE – 365 days (long text)

Since many people asked for it, and I finally found the time, I will write a rather long text about my experiences while being on NoFap.

It all started on July 18th 2016, when a friend of mine showed me a video titeled “Why men on NoFap are successful” (something like that). That friend, me and another friend decided to try not to fap for 30 days to prove we are not addicted. Both friends failed after 10-14 days and resumed fapping dayli. I told myself that I can do it easily and discovered this subreddit on day 20 or smth like that. I should also say that I was emotionally pretty dead and had no motivation for anything but working out fapping and video games. I watched really disturbing porn near the end of watching porn (nothing illegal though).

I had great luck, because my computer broke down 10 days into NoFap meaning that I couldn’t play video games, watch series or brainlessly browse the internet.

About 40-60 days I finally started to feel the so called “superpowers” and it was amazing really, I had more and more motivation every day, started reading every day, meditating, taking cold showers, but I still gave too many fs about peoples, especially girls opinions, but I kept pushing and trying to be a better person.

There wasn’t much change regarding nofap until day 100 or smth. The “superpowers” started to “fade” which meant they were just normal for me now. I had like 2 or more wet dreams every month, but I don’t think that they are too bad, but the mess they leave is just awful.

I distanced myself from this subreddit and I think that that’s a good idea, because if ypu constantly think about NoFap it gets harder and harder not to fap.

Well I just lived my life and kept improving and everything was really great, but I cared to much about EVERYTHING and I did over think EVERYTHING and it stopped after around 300 days. I don’t give any shit anymore, I just live my life and do what I want regardless what others think of me.

I am not the best at writing such texts but I am willing to do an AMA/Q&A if there are people that want to do that.

I will stay on reddit for about a week and then I will leave NoFap, and I don’t plan to come back. There probably will come back sometimes, but there are more important things in my, and probably also your life right now. Thanks for everything guys, it was a great pleasure.