Age 21 – More confident. x10 more in fact. This stuff really does work.

After 91 days, I quit Nofap. This is my first attempt and also my first ‘relapse’ even though it was a conscious decision to choose to masturbate, so I wouldn’t call it a relapse as such.

The reason I masturbated is because porn is out of my life. I don’t need porn, never will. I wanted to see how M’ing would make me feel, if I could feel a difference.

The answer, is yes. I feel deflated, but also proud that I managed to complete the challenge. I don’t think I will masturbate again for another 2 weeks or so. I feel like my life has changed for the good, and masturbating very very occasionally won’t actually harm who I’ve become.

I’m more confident in myself. And that’s really the word to sum it all up. More confident. x10 more in fact. NoFap was a great experience. I won’t reset my badge because I don’t think I will even be on this website again.

Good luck to all, this stuff really does work.

LINK – I just quit NoFap

by gunnerboyg


INITIAL POST – Just started. any tips?

So, hi, I’ll probably be updating this weekly.

I’m a 21 year old male, looking to do the nofap challenge to help with my anxiety, poor results with women, feeling less connected to women, and to see where it really takes me. I discovered that my performance anxiety and unrealistic standards towards women was a problem and that it all stemmed from a hidden problem. PMO. Who knew that it could have such a big effect on your mind? I’m committed to changing, no relapses, I want to do this first time.

I wouldn’t really say I’m addicted to porn, as I’ve gone two weeks without it other than seeing a photo of a naked woman unintentionally. I haven’t fap’ed in two days, which is when I started this challenge. I just so happened to be trying to quit porn anyway. I can tell you all know that the hard part of this challenge for me will be the nofap part not the no porn part.

What are the ‘super human powers’ people talk about? I’m confident in my ability to do things, i.e. learn a new instrument. But I’m not confident when it comes to girls, at all. This isn’t just a means to an end for me though, I want to change how I feel about women I don’t just want to do this for sex.