Age 21 – More social & open to people, my brain works better

I remember that day on September when I’ve finally was so sick of PMO that I quit it. That was the first time when I’ve visited noFAP on reddit, and thought – I want to be that cool guy with shiny star and more then 90 days of freedom. And here I am. I’m still fighting urges sometimes, and I know that I’m not 100% healthy person yet, but I feel GOOD. Even few days ago, I got really hard time, being sick, and sitting alone home. Thing is – even when I’ve got an urge, its like so damn weird to think that I could fap, that I feel like I cant do it. But I know, that I have to stay alert.

My life got better. You could call it gaining superpowers, but I would say that I’ve finally got close to being normal. My faith has got better. I’m more social, got new friends, am more open to people. I’ve improved at university, and my brain seems to work better. I work out (from time to time, not really consistent), and started reading again (after few years of not reading books). I eat more healthy. It doesn’t feel like incredible change of my life. It is more like improvement. But it is still worth it.

So stay strong brothers and sisters. Have faith in yourselves, you can do it. Pray for me (If you’re religious), and see you at mine, or yours next done challenge (depends which one comes first 🙂 ).

LINK – Thoughts after 100+ days.

by pcb22