Age 21 – Morning wood is back, More confident, Talked to girls without any fear, Many other changes


Things I’ve noticed about nofap:

  • My morning wood is back, and it’s harder than ever before.
  • I feel more confident
  • My penis doesn’t seem small anymore
  • I actually talked to a girl without any fear
  • Since I stopped masturbating, I lost my interest for smoking and I’m smoke free for 2m 15days ( I used to masturbate around 5-6 times per day)
  • I started going do the gym regularly
  • Started taking care about my body and my clothes
  • Learned how to cook, and now I can prepare my own food and buy groceries
  • I have more self respect
  • I finally got courage to get a new haircut and got some positive reactions out of people from my college (It’s a small class only 14 people there)
  • Found a job, minimum wage but who cares at least I have my own money
  • I’m not that bad looking as i thought, received couple compliments from people i know.

Weight loss:

I’m 190 cm tall (6’2ft) and I used to weight 105kg (231lbs) I was a fat motherfucker. After couple months without any fast food, instant noodles, less sugar and no coca-cola I finally managed to get to 84kg (185lbs). I feel proud, because back when I started this journey I couldn’t even do 25 ab crunches and now I’m sitting on around 200 per day which is a huge achievement for me.

Before this I was always wearing baggy pants that didn’t fit me good because of my size and I can finally walk into a store without any shame and buy jeans or pants that I really like. Girl that works in the mall told me that they had some SLIM fit jeans that would look good on me if was so shocked and I felt like a winner for the first time in many years. Couple months ago I couldn’t even imagine that I would wear slim jeans…

LINK – 90+ days and a weight loss story

by PlasticBoy