Age 21 – Much more confident & assertive. Has permanently changed my life

When I first came across this sub months ago, I thought the whole premise was silly. But I’ve been on a personal self improvement streak, like my own little personal path to zen, and I decided that there must be something to this based on what all of you guys say. Holy shit. No fapping and no looking at porn for 60 days is probably one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made and I would recommend it to anyone, because it will permanently change your life. The amount you learn about yourself and about sexuality is enormous.

Days 1-14 These days were the hardest. After the first 3 days, I was thinking about jerking it at least 6 or 7 times a day. During this time I was anxious and kind of depressed, but I stayed strong and fought through it. About day 10 though, I started to notice girls more. Just walking around on the street. Instead of the occasional hottie, it’s as though 1/3 of women at least (college campus) were noticeably attractive at least in some respect. Then things got a little intense…

Days 15-30ish At this point, I noticed that my aggression/assertiveness levels were getting higher. I started to speak louder and more directly, especially to women. And if you asked any of my friends, they would tell you, I could simply not shut the fuck up about females. I think what was happening was that my brain and body was starting to understand that jerking it was just not something we do anymore, and since I’m built up to my eyeballs in cum, my behavior was naturally being directed toward women differently. It’s as though nofap was leading me to between the legs of a female and I didn’t have a choice. I sort of just watched as I would approach girls and get their number because I started being unable to NOT try. My dick started taking charge

Days 30ish – 60 I didn’t even want to masturbate anymore. I didn’t think about it. I was becoming hypersensitive. Guys, I got a boner from looking into a pretty girl’s eyes and having a conversation, and I swear, I must have flirted with at least 3/4 of girls I came in contact with. Superpowers were kicking in. I didn’t even think about “but what do I say?” Or “How do I come across as confident?” it just happened. Walking around campus, I would smile and make eye contact with as many attractive girls as possible, and when they smiled back, I could feel my eyes widen and my face flush. I started thinking, this is what human experience is designed to be. Guys, we aren’t supposed to be able to jerk off. It’s a genetic cheat (thank you thumbs and intelligence). It gets in the way of behaviors that would otherwise naturally direct you toward being a more attractive man. And porn gets in the way of you appreciating the natural beauty of real women. Women are gorgeous.

Two weeks later, I’m fapping I’d say on average 4 times a week. And I never, ever, ever want to watch porn again. It’s crazy how much that stuff kills you inside without you knowing. Overall, I’m still much more confident because of it (because my brain automatically made me up my game) I’ve just toned it back and haven’t been horny for every girl I see.

LINK – 60 Day NoFap results

by NullCorp