Age 21 – My social anxiety is gone. I’m all around just happier. I’m a better version of myself in uncountable ways.

2 years clean on hardmode/monk mode. I’ve ran across images of nsfw gifs before but never acted on them. Not dating, but looking. I live in a very small town and have met many girls that wanted to date me but they live like 2 hours away.

I don’t want to have to drive every time to see them. I met them through my profession and still keep in touch with them. I’m not looking for a woman to just get me off and leave her. I’m looking for a girl that loves me back. That’s the meaning of life. Love.

Socializing, to an extent, most kids my age smoke weed, drink, and just aren’t all serious about life right now, so to answer the question YES I socialize, just not crazy parties and stuff like that, just chatting at the coffee shop and stuff.

Benefits, I think the largest is just getting myself finally on the path to success in the profession that I love. I’m not lost as some of my friends are, I have many long term and short term goals.

Age, 21

LINK – When was the last time you saw an energetic, outgoing monk?

By LastVisage

EARLIER POST I think many of you awhile claim there aren’t any superpowers at day 90 or so on are complete bullshitters. Why would you continue on if you felt nothing? Just because your badge says 90+ days doesn’t mean shit. This is the internet, and those who get discouraged because of “no superpowers” you gotta realize, those people may be going easy mode, or edge everyday and still watch porn, just no O.

Also realize a lot of people hate the nofap community and claim it has fake benefits. People could be going for 90 days and relapse and still make a post saying “no super powers” “90 days and still feel bad”. These people are fucking liars.

Do the 90 day challenge yourself on hard mode if you want real super powers. I’m on hard mode, and after PMOing 5-7 times a day for 5 years straight, it’s turning my life upside down in a good way.

My social anxiety is gone. I’m all around just happier. I’m a better version of myself in uncountable ways.

There are so many more benefits. Just do it yourself and experience it.

LINK – I think a lot of you are liars

by LastVisage

UPDATE – NoFap 100% cured my anxiety.

I literally have no anxiety anymore even in stressful situations. My friends dared me to walk up to a table of 6 beautiful girls at a restaurant and ask for the blonde’s number and I did it and got the number successfully. I was calm and collected and it’s amazing. The anxiety has been gone for awhile now, but I just realized how much has improved since the beginning.