Age 21 – No brain fog, more confidence, off antidepressants

Hello reddit, and thanks for all the support. I wouldn’t have accomplished this without this awesome sub. It has been a tough ride (except for the last try, these 90 days weren’t hard at all). I’m a 21 year old virgin (I kinda had sex once when I was drunk and 17 but I don’t like counting this :D). Which is strange for a guy, who has received modelling offers without looking for any, and who has been approached by random girls on the street saying that I’m Jared Leto’s lookalike (lol, I’m not).

What I really thought of as my problem though, was my brain fog and my overall lack of desire to do anything. I was abused as a child (not sexually), I’ve never had any confidence, but I used to be really productive while growing up (escapism has its positive sides too :)))). However, when I was 18 I had another series of stressful events, which led me to a therapist. From the xanax I stole from relatives, to the Zoloft and Wellbutrin that I was prescribed I kinda got on my feet, but I didn’t feel like I was the same guy anymore. I’m an artsy guy, but since I didn’t want to see most of my family anymore (I live alone since I’m 16 btw) I had to choose money over making music, so I became a software engineer, hating every second of it. Which is also strange, because I first wrote code in 4th grade, and I was kinda good at it throughout my productive years.

I used to sleep for 15-16 hours, because my body’s chemistry reminded me that I didn’t want to wake up at all. I thought this was due to low dopamine activity so I did everything I can to fix it. Wellbutrin helped until a point, but then I stumbled onto nofap. I didn’t need convincing, since I also started fapping very late (16-17), and this coincides with the time I stopped being productive and started suffering from depression.


1) No brain fog. Just none.

2) While 90 days of nofap can’t make up for a childhood of abuse, it’s damn effective for my self esteem.

3) I finally started planning my life, taking mistakes into account, instead of dreaming of how awesome I will become “one day”. Now, I’m sticking to my plans, and if I continue to do so I will end up being awesome fo real (a startup company, more muscle definition, you know :D)

4) Fapping used to make me hungry and I barely eat enough calories (3500) for my fitness goals. Sucks for me now, but those of you who want to lose weight might actually benefit from that.

5) Absolutely no difference when it comes to lifting. Seriously, how did you come up with this :D:D:D

6) I can finally tell between compulsive behavior and what I really want. THIS IS THE BIGGEST BENEFIT ANYONE CAN GET.

7) I fixed my eyesight with exercises. Fuck you, glasses, I didn’t even wear you anyway. (Not directly because of nofap, but I’ve been delaying starting doing exercises for my eyes for half a year now …)

8) I once got hypertension (30-40 days in) and things got kinda scary. Then I figured I had to choose between nofap and wellbutrin. I dumped the wellbutrin ;D I don’t need that shit anymore, nofap has the effect of 225mg of it on me (srsly) and natural > chemicals all day baby 😀


The only benefit that I hadn’t received until the 90 days was … the self esteem from having the self control to do 90 days of nofap hard mode. Other than that I had all the positive effects even the time I was relapsing every 2 weeks. Since I had 7-8 wet dreams and jizzed in my pants once (srsly), I think I should head over to /r/pornfree and take a little break from nofap. Because I really hate washing sheets and pants at 5.00 in the morning (the last wet dream I had was the night from 89 to 90 days, lol. Nice way for my body to celebrate). I do however think, that nofap is more optimal if you have a girlfriend, so don’t use my excuse for yourselves 🙂

I also want to start intermittent fasting, but I’ll have to wait until my bulking phase is over for that.

GET RID OF ANY COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR. I just love the way my brain tried to rationalize fapping to porn when I was starting out. Because I now can recognize this evil voice inside me, and this helps me find my other bad habits. Which I’m also getting rid of 🙂

Tl;dr: Was looking for natural ways of finding more motivation in life in general, found /r/nofap -> no brain fog, more confidence, largest step I’ve taken to get rid of compulsive behavior. My life used to suck, now it sucks less.

LINK – 90 day report. Why I started and how i benefited from nofap 🙂

by fapthepolice