Age 21 – No more ED, soaring libido, relationship much improved

As I have reached 100 days for the first time, I’d like to write a little account of the benefits I have personally noticed, which are mainly psychological but also physical. Hopefully this will motivate some of you who are struggling. I will say that I wasn’t a huge addict; my porn viewing was more of a deep-rooted compulsion which had been going on for many years, starting at age 13/14 (I’m now 21).


  • The psychological change I value the most is the improved self-image. I now feel like I’m living my life much more cleanly. In certain situations, such as when discussion turns to porn with friends or when porn is mentioned on TV, I feel content in the knowledge that I am above that now whereas before I might’ve squirmed in my seat a little. It’s just fantastic to think of myself as Porn Free. This might seem a little simple and not a huge motivating factor (I know some of you like to believe ‘superpowers’ are gained etc.) but it tastes very sweet to me.
  • I’d say next most important is the way I perceive women now. Porn never really affected the way I interacted with girls I knew personally, instead when I was out and about I would look at unknown women and mentally place them in porn scenes I had seen recently without a second thought. I now see women in public without the degrading imagery entering my mind automatically. I’m not saying sexual urges go away, as I’m still human. It’s just that I can look at that sexual urge and recognise it for what it is without getting too identified with it and obsessing over what sex with a passing woman might be like.
  • Thirdly, I feel porn has made me more persistent with my current relationship. I let porn ruin a previous relationship, but the relationship I have now is rock solid and I think absence of porn plays a huge part! For one, I am allowing my current girlfriend to be my entire ‘world’ in the sexual sense. I am turning to her and only her for my sexual needs, rather than a screen as well, which is just gluttonous I feel. My attraction to her is incredibly strong. It sounds corny but I appreciate all her little bodily quirks whereas I used to nit-pick and get turned off by the slightest thing, being used to LA bodily ‘perfection’ as I was.


  • Since quitting porn, I have not experienced erectile dysfunction once. Prior to quitting, it would happen perhaps once every 5 sexual encounters or I would lose my erection halfway through sex. Not ideal.
  • Linking into this, I feel this is due to my soaring libido. I feel like having sex all the damn time! Porn really messed with my sex drive to the extent that I would sometimes not feel like doing it with a real woman right in front of me. Shoot me if that ever happens again before I’m like 60.
  • The quality of my erections has increased massively and I can be standing to attention in very little time. Before, it came to a point where getting fully hard was a laborious, somewhat of a team effort.

TL;DR: Psychological benefits: improved self-image, improved relation to women and more dedicated to girlfriend. Physical: heightened libido and general sexual functioning.

LINK – 100 Day Report – The Benefits

by Opportunigasm