Age 21 – Nofap changed my life more than anything else


Hi guys , I am new on this forum and I just started to learn English so, please be patient with me. I’m not new to NOFAP, it changed my life more than anything else. I was the classic nerd guy that never had a relationship with a girl (I usually avoided them when possible ), I was fapping once a day , every day until the day I found out what NoFap was.

So I started it, failed many times but in the end I managed to do a 100+ days without fapping. It changed my life, I stopped playing video games and I started to run and do physical exercise just because I had so much energy .. it was like fapping (and for me also releasing sperm) was a chain that stopped me from doing great things in life.

I never thought I could be able to find a girl at the beginning, it wasn’t even a 0.1% chance in my mind, but day after day i was more and more confident with myself .. I started to look and talk with girls at the college and I didn’t had anxiety or fear to be what I wasn’t (bad, ugly etc. ) i understood how beautiful a girl can be, how beautiful talking to a girl and laugh with her is, how beautiful is to watch a film with her, how beautiful is when they hug, touch or kiss you and I started to consider them as a human being and not as an impossible to reach version of the virtual and perfect girls you see online.

In the end after 95 days I found a girlfriend. 3 days ago i had real sex for the first time (I was done after 30 seconds lol , fortunately I explained the nofap thing before doing it ), I started doing sex basically every day (I consider my girlfriend a living dream for me, I can’t even explain how I got into a relationship with her).

Now I am happy, feel like a man and i am so proud of myself and i understand that being shy (consider ourselves a failure etc) etc it’s only a mental and not true fiction in our mind, I am proud of myself, able to talk with girls and able to try many different things today even if my balls are empty. I’ll always be thankful to sites like this, because they literally changed my fuckin life.

I just wanted to say that , because I think it might help , NEVER GIVE UP , YOU’VE STILL GOT COUPLE OF MOTHERF****S TO PROVE WRONG , never give up .. Never quit, even when you are in day 30 and a porn site pop up.


Thank you and sorry for my English!


by BrainShow